Wrook’s Corner: Remade Shadowlock – The Acolyte

The list of heroes I am in the process of making is a anti-harasser, a harasser, an anti-ganker, another mage slayer (Magina), but the current hero which I will post is my remade hero The Acolyte. Now the remade version is different from the original and on top of that I might change the theme and model. I will post a few skills, with the pros and cons for you to see. I will update my signature with a list of some of the heroes he works well with.

Hero Overview
A support hero who specializes in making sure the other heroes perform better. His skills circle around that. He can be used to carry or gank but that is not his main role.

Very good at setting up hero kills
Has skills that make allies not so squishy
An aid healers
good at keeping allies with mana.

Have to many choices between items
No mobility
No real escape mechanism
No real nuking skills
No attackspeed to go along with first skill
No spamming ability to go along with first skill
No healing ability to go along with third skill
Very ally dependant
very item dependant

Ability 1
Targets an enemy and makes them a victim. whenever herself or fellow nearby enemies receive every few instances of damage (from attacks and spells)The victim is ministunned. Lasts 5 seconds.

Ability 3
A ward is placed on the ground. This unmovable ward can be teleported to like a building. It replenishes the mana of nearby allies every second and causes the healing ability of items and allied spells to be amplified.

Coming Soon
Some time in the near future Imma post a sneak peak at one of the attributes I have come up with and some of the mechanics. This will be posted before the full list of new hero attributes.

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