Creation Spotlight: Plague Ranger (Part 1)

Plague Ranger, I love the theme of this hero. It’s one of the themes when you hear it you just want to play. Even the skill names sound iconic. Unfortunately, the execution of these skills are not very good.
Character Art S5: Swamps

Keep in mind there are already a ton of rangers in game already. Those being Windrunner, Drow, and Medusa. Each of these heroes are different from each other and other heroes in the game. Lets see what we can do to increase the iconic feel of the Plague Ranger.

ArtStation - Drow Ranger of DOTA2, Junver Vasig | Fantasy art, Fantasy  artwork, Fantasy

Plague Ranger, Imo, we already have a plague ranger in dota but she doesn’t fulfill that role thematically or concept wise. Drow when you think about it should be the Plague ranger but since she is an old hero icefrog refuses to redo her skills completely.
But since Drow doesn’t do her job lets create a new hero that fulfills the role she’s supposed to accomplish. Which brings me to my purpose, Not only can plague Physically bring disease and sickness but also misfortune, calamity, and annoyance. Emotionally Sadness, Depression, and weakness.

Lost Technology - TV Tropes

In psychology, I learned that the plague of being ruled by a bad nation brought about all of these effects in the children of the subjugated nation years after they were freed. So plague has a lasting effect on us as humans.

You have to take all of this and warp it into a machine that brings these effects to the enemy. Either emotionally or thematically. But eventually it should bring them.
So what constitutes being weak in dota? What brings sad and depressive feelings? What brings misfortune or calamity? What brings annoyance? Think of these things. It also has to bring on a wow factor for the person using it. It has to aid allies in some way.

Top 10 most played Safe lane heroes of 7.19 at 5k MMR - TI8 Patch | Esports  Tales

Every Hero in dota has some type of wow factor. Counters another hero. Can be countered by another hero. Has a specific concept they adhere to. Has allies they work well with. Has skills that move towards the concept.

Most new heroes do all of these things but gear towards a single theme. Even when that theme has haziness. Some of the new heroes have some type of history with dota. Rubick and earth panda are good examples of this. Panda carries on and completes, the essence of the spirit trio. Rubick is the return of the once infamous spell steal. Also there is probably an overall theme that all the heroes carry when combined together. I just haven’t looked at it.

Next Part (We look at the Ranger’s already in dota)

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