Creation Spotlight: Plague Ranger (Part 2)

Plague Archer has some potential as a hero, but if you want to take him there I think you have to consider where dotas been and where it should go. To do this I will be going over the five archers already inside the game: Mirana, Drow, Clinkz, Medusa, and Windrunner.
We start with drow. By far my favorite hero and the most controversial archer in dota at the moment. Themetically shes alittle haywire. Her title and model are drow but her skills scream frost archer. Shes an old hero so some of us forgive her for this mishmash of theme.

So what does this tell us
Themes: dark elf archer / Frost Archer / neutral archer
Role: ranged ganker/ranged anti-caster/early game carry/Squishy carry
Concepts: Kiting Ganker / Adapting based on enemies and starting lane.
You want to keep in mind when your creating your hero what happens when they go into each lane or encounter different sets of heroes and other gameplay development.

Theme: Moon Rider
Role: roamer / semi-support / carry/ ganker / scout / semi-initiator / ricer
Concepts: Utility Ganker
As you can see from watching the previous two heroes is that heroes must have items they should get. They have two separate groups of items in their list: Items that that are flexible and items that are static or needed for every situation.

Theme: Mythological Archer
Role: Farmer / Ranged Farmer /
Concept: Ricer / Durable Archer
We see from the last 2 that a hero needs to have a good theme. Most heroes in dota have one theme and don’t stray far from that.

Theme: Undead Archer
Role: Ganker/ Harasser / Tower Killer
Concept: A gimped version of mirana; a better version of drow.
A hero should cater to some sort of audience….some one should find it fun to play…. You have to find out who will like it and cater to their needs. Keep in mind that last sentence is partially true. Whats important is to satisfy yourself first make a hero you would want to play. It will look its best that way. Seek out help but take it like a grain of salt.

Theme: Elven Archer think legolas
Role: too many to list.
Concept: Utility Archer
That is all the information I have to impart to you. Anaylze these five heroes see what they all have because your hero will need the familiarity that comes with a dota archer. It should also have iconic skills. Windrunner has shackleshot, Drow has frost arrows, Clinkz has strafe, Medusa has mystic snake, Mirana has leap. Those are just some of the skills which reminds and bring a happy feeling to the player.

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