Wrook’s Corner: Drow

My current aspirations is to create a drow remake. Drow is a hard hero to make she has alot of needs. I want to keep her squishy but I want to amp her fun and possibly change her playstyle and skill set completely. This change has caused me to take out marksmenship and trueshot aura. Then split frost arrows and silence on two different heroes. I hope you like it when I finish because its gonna be a duzy.

I plan to make a fun hero The names of the two heroes are Drow Ranger and Forsaken Rider. For the most part Frost arrows will probably be on Drow as it was what was iconic. While forsaken will get the silence. As of now its the other way of around but I plan on changing that because. Icefrog would probably never implement a change to drow without frost arrows.

One hero is done. I just need to create the numbers. As for the second hero it needs work. Frost arrows is a hard skill to do anything with mainly because well doing anything damage wise will make it her look like nevermore or sven.

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