Insight Highlight: Drawing Lessons

Visual art is one of the biggest parts of dota suggestions. We need it for visuals. We need it for Hero suggestions. We need it for Remake section. We need it for almost every section. That is why I will try and compile the best videos for the suggestions forum. It will not be easy but someone has to do it. That way you have a one stop shop for all things creation wise.

These videos will host tutorials on illustrator/photoshop/gimp/inkscape and any other program I see fit. Like I’ve said before dota’s world is transitioning from dota to dota 2. I want to have this site prepared for the advent of dota 2 suggestions when it comes. But thats not for a long time now. You have until dota 2 is released to practice art. That way when its out your prepared to do anything it throws at you.

There is another reasons also. Mainly with items. I’m sure its getting annoying to see the same themed items suggested over and over but that is because dota suggestions take from hiveworkshop. Hive is catered to warcraft 3 so a big part of that art is out growing its usefulness for the suggestions forum.

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