Creation Spotlight: Plants allied to Zombies (Part 2)

When you create a hero you should really take the time to think up atleast 100 skills. Or thats the limit I put on myself. Even if some are bad..  By 25 you should see small spurts of ideas come to mind.  Another good thing about this is when someone says o this looks like this you have another list of skills to fall back on. This is what the first skill reminded me of. Mainly because it has the same name as Doom’s Devour and it functions the same way. The big difference is you can swallow heroes and you can spit the swallowed unit out to stun enemies. So its a mix between Devour(Doom’s) and Telekinesis. I don’t mind the fact that the flower swallows a unit but have something unique besides dealing damage while their inside of the flower.

The second skill. Rooting yourself to the ground is unique but the way he has it its not functional. If it worked similar to lone druid or pudge it be a great skill but its to restricting in its form now. Not only can you not attack but your stuck in place for 10 seconds. Definitely wouldn’t be a fun hero to be around. Now an alternative to this is possibly doing the same thing but have it work similar to pugna’s decripify. The only difference is the target cannot move and has 90% magical damage reduction (i  know I forgot about the oracle, I only play dota 2  now so I forgot).
What lesson can we learn from the next skill. The next skills is a perfect example of why you need to brainstorm but it fits because alot of heroes have filler skills. For example, storm’s remnant is just a trap. Its a filler skill and vortex is just a slower hook, a hero only needs one or completely unique skills. The other two are reintroduced filler skills with a spin on it. I still have to finish going through the old skills but when I finish that I will start a list of all the unique skills in dota and all the filler skills or skills with spins on them. Overall though this skill works I just wish he did something to add flavor to it.

Imo, this could be a normal skill, but basically its an ability that has a summonable latch onto an ally and heal them. Which is lifestealer’s skill with a spin on it. It’s has flavor so I like it. I just wish it was a normal skill.

Overall, he has a wierd playstayle. And doesn’t look to fun to play. I would never que the root skill becuase I find it useless. Being open to attack for 10 seconds without the ability to strike back.  His other skills make him a prime target as ganker, turtler.

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