Creation Spotlight (part 2)

Blood Strike…. When I read this spell. I imagine a spell that channels and drains hp as it channels. Channeling time determines how much hp is drained and how powerful the strike is.

Blood bolt seems the same as blood strike… Maybe come up with a more unique spell then draining blood to deal damage.

Empowering Blood…. I like this skill. It makes sure if he jukes correcrtly that or runs out of battle  and runs back in that he can fight longer. Might be good with soul booster.

Maybe come up with something more unique look at the other heroes they follow a theme while having 4 different skills. This reminds me of a blood strike mixed with empowering blood.

Overall, I think you need to brain storm more…. but thats my two cents….. good theme… some good iconic skills just need to work on the rest of the set.

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