Creation Spotlight: All Random…I mean Alchemist Ring

Wow if I haven’t seen such an old topic that has been brought back. ANyway, The items theme make sense as a support item. Alot of the time support need gold to buy wards/dust/ and their main items.

I not sure if I like this item though… icefrog has already made things cheaper for supports reducing ward price/ reducing boots price. Maybe if you found a mix between sharing gold with an ally(s) and giving yourself bonus gold. Or just sharing gold with an ally.

It would be more support like. At the moment I see, carries getting this to gather gold instead of last hitting and having the support last hit. Afterall they are melee amajority of the time. My suggestion would garner the same response. So this item would change laning.

What you could do is have it gather gold while reinforcing what supports already do. Heal/harass/deny/control creeps take one of these factors and have this item reinforce it with gold but not give it when they last hit or ks.

for example

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