Maiden’s Diary: On Elaborating

I’m picking on my buddy zipfile today with this review….All for the forward progression of the forum

I want to have today’s review talk about comments that don’t have enough information. This is similar to the first post. A simple T-up t-down or t-null won’t help with anything. Remember like I said before. The op is not in your head and neither are the other posters. Generally you might think alike that this is something you don’t like or do like but that doesn’t convey anything to the op. A simple T-up doesn’t convey what you like about the suggestion. You like the item build? You like the price range? you like the heroes he works well with? you like the replacement skill for fissure? something along those lines. And even then you can elaborate more. On what you like about those things. go into detail about what you are covering. Thats why I said don’t cover too much, if you cover alot you might get a headache or anxious. Remember you can always write down notes on your immediate thoughts on an item/remake/etc.

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