Site Update

I’ve recently updated the site to include site news so no more will dotatalk contain site news. I need to figure out whats going to go inside dota talk. But for now Site news will contain all updates about this site. For organization purposes.


Tinker’s journal will be updated some time teusday or wednesday. It’s an interview with my friend the artful. A copy of the interview will be posted in playdota (just like I did for captain planet)  for anyone looking to read it.


Sorry no update for the past few days and that will continue today but the site update page will be long…. Seems life taking a hold and with interviews going on its hard to update the site and do an interview at the same time. also other matters in my life are happening also. Also I’m looking for a new avenue for my inspiration. Something to do with video so I’ve been looking for a screen recording program. Debut looks like the best option in this area or screencast o matic but thats 15 a year.


If you’ve posted comments and it didn’t appear, it might be because wordpress automatically tries to find spam. So if it looks like spam it has to be “oked” by me. If I take to long to “ok” the comment then its automatically trashed. I only recently found this out. So sorry for any comments that didn’t make it through.

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