Creation Spotlight: Ezrach01

I’m not to fond of this challange to be honest. A challenge that restricts you to runes which only spawn every two minutes and one at that. Not my cup of tea. ANyway on to your suggestion

He has the potential to be an auto-attacker and he has the chance to be like phantomlancer. Not as powerful as phantomlancer but he can summon a load of illusions.

Also each rune doesn’t bring anything new to his gameplay. With a hero that works around runes you expect something new to come from using them. Not the same effects.

What I do like is the fact that you can capture 3 charges once you gather a rune. Instead of gathering 1. It makes for some more interesting play.

A question I have is …. what happens when he has bottle? does he gain the charges? does he have to activate the rune before gaining the charges?

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