Tinker’s Journal: The Artful(Part 5)

Wrooks: Where did you get your inspiration for the items from?

The_Artful: Well, to be honest, the boots I thought of in the shower, then refined them on how to limit their ability for a few more hours. After reading and doing math on the numbers for another 2 hours I changed a few things around and poof! Shredder’s boots.

Long story short, the boots took forever to get anywhere near balanced, guess it goes to show not all suggestions take an equal amount of effort to suggest.

For The Tome of wisdom it was much easier, it was more of a question of could i have a bloodstone without a bloodstone? the result was a gamble item which could prove to be a waste of gold if things turn out badly.

Other items and ideas like my newest “Banshee’s Apex” was more of a conceptual “what if” which was then refined into what turned out to be an item akin to Divine Rapier.

Wrooks: My friend central would love you he loves items and heroes that are similar to other aspects to the game. Do you have this same consideration?

The_Artful: Yes, i like to theory craft items, remakes, tweaks and all manner of small little details within DotA… but as far as making a hero…

Well lets just say that last time I tried to create a hero I spend a massive amount of time building the hero, and I could never satisfy my own critique on the hero… Since then I haven’t tried again… It’s just so much to put into one head; I don’t know how ice frog does it. Making a hero is extremely hard to do (or at least in the same way I make suggestions/remakes/tweaks.).

And for that every forum member that has made a hero suggestion has my praise.

Wrooks: last question, If you were speaking to a new suggestor, what advice would you give to them?

The_Artful: Don’t comment on things you don’t understand, you will end up causing meaningless discussion which will just make both parties annoyed. Don’t post things to get views, post things to get your ideas out.

Remember that most things that are implemented directly into dota from the forums aren’t the popular post, but the more notable suggestions which are well thought out and have had a meaningful discussion on the suggestion at hand.

I always think of it as quality over quantity, there are thousands of “good” suggestions, but only the great suggestion will be considered for implementation and if refined released into the game. This is not to say that “good” suggestions don’t have their place, they spark discussion and out of a simply ok suggestion can come a good suggestion and then maybe if given enough thought that can be refined into something great.

Most of my better suggestions were inspired by another member’s rough suggestion which I critiqued, which then in turn gave me an idea. This being said, strive for quality suggestions make sure they at least make sense to you before you press the post button.

Wrooks: Very wise words by the way

The_Artful: Thanks

Wrooks: Well it’s been a lot of questions, lets end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

The_Artful: Well your welcome, its been quite a lot of fun. I hope I didn’t bore you with my long winded answers, it’s something I need to work on… Thanks for having me.

Wrooks: Glad to have you

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