Site News: Not dead yet…Just was knocked out….

This sites not dead. It was just hibernating….. I just got overly busy last semester. But its not over. I still plan on having this site be a place you can go to when not on the forum or on youtube. Hopefully. Especially when the forum is dead.

As for this site… Some sections will be revamped others will become seasonal. New ones will be added. Some will be erased. Some sections will become a daily trend. Some will be a weekly trend. I working on the logistics but im planning on some other things also.

I believe i might do the different sections of this website in seasons. For example I will recontinue the Tinker’s Journal and Maiden’s Journal in the upcoming months but only during certain parts of the year. Not only to build anticipation but to keep it going for some months. It won’t be anytime soon but sometime after winter. Probably after the next 2 – 3 major updates.

I will try and make a possible schedule. But this is towards the end of the month. After i figure out what i want to add and everything. ALso I plan on adding people to the site or starting a new site that adds people to it.

Also I plan on adding some new channels. They will also probably be seasonal. Until I figure out what i want to do with them. Probably two – 3 months each. One of the new channels is one about a Game Development hints. But I plan on doing a video series on some heroes also. So we’ll see how that turns out. But I need to wait until i can get a new computer before i can do that so if i ever get to that it might be next year or the year after.

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