Designing with zones in mind.

So, I have a coach in dota; we meet like every two weeks. Another coach wants to mentor me but he costs, so I am unsure of what to do. The thing is he completely destroyed two games i played with him. I mean he completely wrecked the house. I dunno. Anyway, me and the first coach went over somethings I need to do to improve.

One of those things was zones. So I got to thinking, I have to start designing with zones in mind. I have to start thinking about how my character can influence the zones around him. We went over three zones of a few heroes. Batrider, pudge, and silencer.

Most heroes when you verse them have three zones that they control. The danger zone. The zone you can be killed in and that is the active zone of our enemy. The safe zone, where you are safeguarded from ganks. Then the final zone: the neutral zone, where you can be more active, but risk a gank, exists. It’s inbetween safe and danger. Those are the zones that your heroes have.

That’s why, I get mad when people say that abilities such as anti-displacement abilities and anti-teleporting abilities are so boring. If you don’t know anything about zones you have no idea that you completely make an enemy vulnerable with disabling displacement and teleporting. If a hero had anti displacement/teleporting abilities. Bat rider would be countered really hard. He couldn’t force staff you away and he couldn’t blink in to your comfort zone. Not to mention abilties like vacuum are disabled also.  It takes out the ability for allies to save an enemy when you tower dive. There are just so many strategies and interesting things that come out of anti-displacement abilities. It makes your hero create all sorts of danger zones for the enemy.

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