Trying to save people

One of my big issues in dota is people drawing me in to battles where neither of us can win. It happened twice in the game I reviewed with my coach.
I was bottom lane, and I tried to run to the tower but lycan turned into a wolf and killed me. To make matters worse, I came from behind. I was trying to have the element of surprise, but it did not have that effect at all.

In reality, I saw my partner die, and I was fish food sometime later. Only adding to the gold cumulated by the enemy, it became clear through watching with my coach that I shouldn’t do that anymore.

Than in the same replay it happened again, later in the game, another player wandered up top lane. I tried to give him support. I even stayed behind as he chased the enemy up the lane.

I know most of the time I do this so seeing someone else make that mistake. It makes you think twice about advancing. So I stayed behind around the distance of fissure. This distance was enough to still get me killed. Also, neither of us were available when the team fight happened. We were dead when our team needed us to initiate and use our abilities when needed.
I’m hoping I learned my lesson. Wards would help greatly in having the knowledge of when to advance but we had no wards; we traveled blindly.

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