Site News: Massive Construction Ahead


There are many things I am changing with the site over the next couple of days, weeks. For one, The look and ID has been changed already. With that, new pages will be added and old ones will be redefined or eliminated. I have already eliminated a large portion of the extra material. I will bring it back as backlog but for now its not a main thing to hold onto.

I will try and revamp what I post also, meaning I will post more of my ideas regarding games and dota in general also I am thinking of posting artwork. I will be drawing a lot in the coming months so look forward to what I post.

Also I will be writing just as much. So keep a look out for that also, I might post exerpts from stories. Also I will post my ideas regarding  Web development, and other games. It won’t just be geared towards dota. The new name has been decided, its just what to gear the site towards. What I want it to be about.

Who will the site be about, mainly me. I will give you a look into my life as a dota player, learning the ropes and as an artist relearning the ropes. As a writer  taking advantage of the resources and time I have. And as a web developer getting a handle on new tricks. Those are what the site will be about.

When will I do it: Hopefully, daily, as of yet I have not been able to make a steady commitment to posting daily. Hopefully I can learn to do that. Right now I have a lot of other concerns in my life so its hard to post daily, but I can atleast do once a week at latest.

Why am I doing  this? Well to be more proactive in my writing and drawing life. Also, I want to get ideas out there. I don’t want any idea to go unheard. I want to give voice to ideas and concepts that might give someone pause and contemplate why they are playing this game and what they would like to see added to future updates. That’s what its about, giving voice to what you want to see in future updates. Not being a no it all, or showing your better than others, but to give light to ideas that float in your head. To quench the imagination.

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