Wards Costing Mana

Mana is, by far, a valuable commodity in dota. Gold, also. What if the player could choose to spend mana to buy support items instead of gold.

Mana for items, such as wards or courier. The player experiences the drawback where a support’s mana can only be upgraded through levels and other items. Specific items geared towards costing mana would make supports mana and level dependant.

Than the player is pushed into the issue that the fountain replenishes mana, but what if, when consumers purchased an item using mana. They had some drawbacks.

There are three drawbacks that come to mind. One, first the consumer’s mana is affected with a frostbite like effect. Meaning, their mana freezes when they purchase items. Meaning, they cannot go higher than what they spent. This last for x seconds and can determine the outcome of battles if planned wrong. There are whole implications for it.

Another drawback is that a consumer’s abilities have less effectiveness for sometime after purchase. Instead of the player gets to stun an enemy. disabling for their foe for two seconds. Their spells now disable for 1.6 seconds. Something like that, it makes the game more interesting.

A final drawback is that when supports purchase something using their mana. They have a lowered price of gold for the item: with lowered effects from drawback one and two.

There are other drawbacks but these are the most interesting. But this could make the game more dynamic. With this, certain items could have more impact earlier for certain heroes. The cost could have greater game implications, and supports would be alittle more useful.

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