Upgrade to Damage Block

Damage block is an integral part of a melee’s protection. I even get it on some ranged because it’s so useful and helps you last, well that much longer. I have a few mechanics that can function as an upgrade to damage block: to stout shield or poor man’s.

So I have come up with two mechanics while developing another idea. Basically, these  ideas are called parry and Shirk. They function the same way as each other only for two different parts of the game.

Basically, one does it for magical damage, the other does it for physical damage. It’s simple really; you block some damage then you get buffed on your next attack. The amounts it blocks are low so people don’t fight back with large amounts of damage. It feels like it will be a fun mechanic.

I see them useful on heroes that get lotus or blademail. Basically the two items can be used to build those items if possible.

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