Site News:Adding Value

With this site, I am hoping to grow the suggestions community. Make it develop into something more worthwhile. I will be posting ideas and things I’ve learned over the years. Also totally new ideas or old ideas and even ideas that catch my eye with my own little twist.
With that said, keep in tuned. I will try and update atleast once per week. Or every five to seven days. Hopefully I can keep it up. At some point, I want to add material every day. I hope to add more material as this idea grows.

I think its good to get ideas out there. To get people to see whats possible. If man hadn’t realized that the moon wasn’t just a picture in the sky that changed shaped. Humans would never have dreamed and accomplished the objective of landing on the moon.

I just watched Brendon Burchard’s video on adding value. I guess it made me think about what I’ve been posting. Then I watched learning faster and realized maybe I need to just keep going and adjust my strategy alittle bit.

Take the time to read strategy guides and practice with bots. Show up everyday to add a valuable idea to the game. Even if I don’t post it. Read through old posts and new ones alike. See what history had to say. Memorize the change log. So I can know when things were added to the game and when they were taken away.

I have two goals to become a writer and to make this part of dota more effective, to have more impact. Right now I see the suggestion community as immature. Not only do people create whatever ideas come to their mind. But they also don’t have enough game knowledge to know how critical their idea maybe. I am one of them. The only mature players are duwouter, and jonmcdonald from playdota and a few at reddit, who consistently get their material implemented. Sven2k is another who gets his material implemented on consistent basis.

Many people on the forum don’t play anymore. That’s a huge issue. How can you know how to effectively judge whats good or bad for the game if you do not play the game.

It’s like a coach who wants to lead basketball players but doesn’t have the know how of how the game works. It’s like a coach from 1910, taking a break and coming to coach the game after jordan entered it. That coach wouldn’t know how to counter dunking. Wouldn’t know any strategies on how to cope or deal with players that use dunking as their main goto strat. The coach couldn’t think of new ways to deal with someone who goes into the paint.

Another issue with the current community is they are lazy. Only a few people are testing out ideas. Dewouter and a few at reddit. But a majority of the community just posts whatever the fishfry comes into their mind.

In my opinion, that is one of the hall marks that makes dota so appealing the fact that you can give new value to the game. The fact that icefrog gives heart to the little guys voice. It might not be how you wanted it but it still gets in.

Take accuracy, the neweset mechanic introduced to the game. That was suggested by someone at playdota. That mechanic originally was not a psuedoform of truestrike but was a mix between truestrike and evasion. So accuracy would be when you had alittle bit of evasion mixed with alittle bit of truestrike.

I mean it still functions the same way but now the sole purpose is that its all truestrike but it doesn’t get through 100% of the time.

Which it would be nice for new suggestors if icefrog added the version date and version type to the hud for vods. It would make seeing when something happened much easier. Or if change logs had the date added to them. Right now you sort of have to guess. O 6.80 was in 2013 right. We experience 2 – 6 new versions each year. So that means that version was 1 to 5 years ago. It definitely wasn’t a year ago and five years ago is a stretch. I mean you can sort of guess there are vods of changelog theorycafting. So a date can be guessed based on when those were released.

How long it took to make the video. How long it took to post it. How long it took to analyze the changelog. This has to be taken into account but the year can pretty much be guessed on a changelog with vods I guess.

Right now im reading some books that describe how to advertise. But I think burchards ideas might help the suggestions community grow more than anything I can do. But people are in their own little hole and they don’t want to come out.

And a lot of people on the forum are closed minded. For example: there is a suggestion on the main page as of now that says “Buff Rylai: Make frostbite global” based on the comments in there people only read the title. People complain regs of reddit are too open minded. But I find that they ask the right questions and have actual game knowledge. Their more openminded than playdota but they use a critical eye and actually read material.

But yea I’d love to see this niche in the dota community grow. Wish I had started this blog ten years ago. I wonder what the community would be like if I had.

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