The Switcheroo

Now that the community and developers have our own client for dota. I think its time we pushed dota towards something more unique with stats. Stats help the effectiveness of players, heroes. So I think if we changed stats the game would not change much balance wise. It would be like the cooldown change. There would be a change but it wouldn’t have much effect as people assume. The only thing that would change is what you build on your hero.

It would also make certain heroes more capable. So Storm might become weaker in one area but he would become strong in another. That’s the whole point of redesigning. To focus out parts you want to make weaker and focus in parts you want to be stronger.

In this article, lets focus on switching around the ones we have already, which is: Attackspeed, mana points, life points, mana regen, life regen, damage and armor.

Lets explain these things first

Attackspeed: Only really used by some heroes outside of agi. Attackspeed makes you attack faster. So heroes who need this are heroes like Chaos knight with illusions or Natures prophet with no real spell power. It is countered by items such as heavens and ghost scepter. Also it comes in two forms. Raw attackspeed given by items such as hyperstone, or processed attackspeed given by stats such as agi. Not to many heroes outside of agi need processed attackspeed and if they do they can always buy raw attackspeed.

Mana Points: mana points increase your mana pool. It’s useful on strength heroes with low mana. It’s also useful on intel because of their high spell costs. It’s not to useful on agi heroes. Because most of them don’t need spells to spam. Very few spam their spells, such as drow in situational encounters or vengeful and venomancer because they’re both spell casters with agi as their main attribute. Many heroes need mana for their mana pool but there are some who can do without. And if they need it there are alternatives to buy.

Life Points: This is a tough one. By late game life is practically irrelevant. I mean most heroes go down in a matter of seconds. Even mid game some battles last no longer than 1.5 minutes. But the heroes who need this ability are mainly ursa. Because his life pool determines his damage. As for other heroes. It doesn’t always make them harder to kill. Unless you buy bracer early game. But then you sacrifice damage.

Mana Regen: Mana regen is by far one of the most needed stats for strength. They usually hold a low mana pool, so going to full mana takes no time. On the flip side something like this could greatly help out heroes. Such as few Agi and some intel. Intel mainly need bigger pools not mana regen.

Life Regen: Life regen is by far the best commodity in the game. Aside from armor. Life regen allows you to get damaged, then return to battle if you have a lot of it. So it is very useful for every hero. Heroes that might not need it are intel. Mainly because if you have good positioning you shouldn’t need to life regen back up.

Armor: I really think armor should be aoe in stat form. But thats my opinion I will save that for another article. For now. Lets talk business. Armor it keeps you alive. It turns you into a boxer (meaning you take more hits before you fall) Really all heroes need this.

Damage: Damage is by far the most useful stat but its only useful mostly for agi. Strength heroes have armlet, and the one intel hero natures who needs it can use desolator instead.

Regular stat: regular stats if you think about it go on every hero. Stuff like damage, life regen, mana regen. Should be something that every hero has. But attackspeed, spell resistance, is something that every hero shouldn’t have. Mainly because its not useful.

Main Stat: Right now every hero has damage as a main stat but this is wasted on heroes such as intel and some strength. If damage was downgraded to a regular stat intel could have something that catered to them instead of every hero and could have better strengths. Few intel need nulls. There are way better items to purchase, and in most cases bracers is a much better pick up due to the health bonus. Few strength need bracers, unless your like nightstalker who needs the damage. Otherwise there are much better items to purchase. Strength don’t need more health and in most cases early on if you play smart intel don’t need more mana. So the only response is to change the main stat to something different. For all heroes.

Main Stat Agi: Agi could definitely use specialization with attackspeed. Every hero needs damage at some point but for all other heroes attackspeed can be gained in other ways. You say won’t agi be weak now if they don’t have damage as main stat. No they will still get damage from agi (or intel as seen below). But it will be more in the response of hey What are we doing now.

Main Stat Strength: I had a tough time deciding. The main thing I thought of was magic resistance or feedback. They don’t need armor because they’re already so strong but they could counter intel heroes. I am really not sure what else to put here.

Main Stat Intel: Armor aoe or damage aoe is something I thought of. It would be most effective in protecting waves, and could do some good for the game. Mainly enabling intel to do what they do well support. This will enable waves to be stronger but also enables you to give offense or defense to allied heroes, through your aoe. This means that damage or armor would be removed from agi. This will also turn intel into innate pushers or babysitters. Damage aoe boosts a carries last hitting capabilities in lane. While Armor could protect them while they go in fot a last hit. It also makes last hitting more difficult. SO depending on if you want to make last hitting more difficult or easier or pushing more active or passive depends on which design choice is chosen. It will also make intel more choosable by the masses. They will see that their carry gets more damage from choosing an intel hero so they will be more likely to pick up the intel hero. This also gives intel a more active role in the game.

There are many ways to mess around with the stats but the main thing to keep in mind is that these changes are just theorycrafting.

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