Site News: New Goal Info Dumping

With this news update, I hope to give you alittle insiders look at what I am thinking about doing. I hope to put more time into you the readers. Meaning having articles with atleast 800 words. Before, I tried to keep it to atmost 800 words.

I feel that atmost is alittle to sparse and more words might add alittle more flavor and fill an appetite. It will be hard to do this. I mean I am use to posting short articles, or stints usually a paragraph long.

I am hoping to extend this in the future though. Some good things might come out of this. Who knows. It means I will have to give more time, more effort, more thought, and more research to my idea process. Lets me not forget, creativity.

I hope to add these things to my writing. I should also work on adding personality. I guess that can come later. I don’t have a editor so it’s kind of hard to just write whatever and have the grammer fixed after I’ve had a run with trying to create my own style.

I still want to be heard and understood. Though there are some concerns also, like. Rattling on, or repeating myself. Sometimes if you stretch a piece it may feel bloated or as if you’re just yapping to yap. I do not want this to be the case.

I want to instill new ideas and get people thinking and be more liberal and progressive with the ideas they want implemented in the game. I might come up with an argument for that in the future. But for now I will resolve not to. Also keep in mind that, I usually don’t think things thoroughly or state them as clearly so that is another issue I might have with this idea.

I mean this change is good. I will not be scene as having racing thoughts. Lets admit it, articles that are too short are seen and felt as jittery. They leave you wanting more but you don’t get that so you move on.

It hurts to read because the choppy writing is quick and leaves you out of breath. Meanwhile, writing that has a good length feels adequate. It left you in a good place.

For this reason, I will aim for 800 to 900 words atleast. Which is pushing it for the article I am writing now, because I am running short. On what to say. We’ll see how long I can keep this up. Generally, 900 words takes me an hour to write, not counting semi-colons.

Jokes aside, im curious to see how this actually turns out for me and to see how long I can sustain keeping it up. If it works out, I will continue it. In case the opposite happens than I know I atleast gave it a pass.

Other news is that, I hope to try and add to the blog everyday. News not so much. Other ideas mostlikely. I might be over extending myself but I will try and write every day. It’s just hard. Remembering and putting effort. Putting effort is the hardest part. The second hardest part is remembering. I could forget tomorrow or the next day. Which doesn’t sound good for sales.

Also, I am thinking of moving the site to its own platform like godaddy, and I am thinking of moving it away from being hosted by wordpress.

Those are some of the ideas I have cooking. Though, if I move it away from wordpress; I will have to probably pay google myself to keep in the search. I mean it is not in the search now. I hope to fix that. Though for now, that can mainly wait till, I have a bigger viewership. Some things to keep in mind. WordPress adds their own ads to my site right now. So, if I were to do my own thing, generally, I would have the option of adding google adsense and gaining money from ads or adding a donation option.

Just some thoughts.

I am now one hundred words short of my goal. It makes me think is it even worth posting if I cannot make the goal. That is something to keep in mind. Is an idea worth posting if I cannot make the quota. And if it extends over, for example, fourteen hundred words is it worth it to split it up into two or more parts.

Like I said, as I grow, I will be adding new types of blog posts to the entries. For now, I hope to push forward with just news and Dota Ideas. Though, as time goes on, I hope to add new types of blog posts and venture into other realms, maybe add a story to the blog. We’ll see. Right now, its worth noting that these ideas are very hard to stretch. It’s a real effort to stretch the ideas into something worth reading without coming away feeling dejected or like it’s not a good idea. I want every idea to see spotlight. So, maybe some ideas are worth cooking longer than others.

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