New Site Sections

O… So, in a couple days, I’am preparing to update the site with a few new areas.

Tinker’s Journal will return but without that title. I hope to add an Interview page, I plan on adding one, similar to the option I had on the old site. It will have all the old interviews plus a new one I recently did. The entire point of waiting so long is so I can format the new one and prepare to put it on the site. It will be just like the old format and will be pleasing to read, just like before. Interviews by old pd members, such as The_artful and Captain Planet. I plan on continuing the interview process in the future and continuing with new interviews for the coming period. Interviews will be given over the period of a month. So one entire interview a month. Sorry for the slow update but interviews are difficult to setup so I need to set it up where I can continiously update for a couple years. If one is out of date, I can always reinterview the person.

Interviews are long and stressful but they’re a lot of fun. I hope to get a lot out of this process and take suggestions to another level. The idea with the interviews is to get people thinking past their point of view and to see other worldviews when suggesting. The end idea is to help suggestions grow into community that it wouldn’t have been before. I am trying to help the community gain maturity.

A Useful Links page update is coming soon. Something that can stretch a person’s mind past what people see. The idea is to have videos, articles and guides that help people gain a greater level of enthusiasm, respect, and maturity for the ideas they put out.

In my opinion, if we want icefrog to take us more seriously, since he joined valve, we have to show him that we are mature thinkers and thoerycafters. That we value not only, putting our ideas into a viable practice session but that we can formulate our ideas in a clearly thought out path. After we form the path we lead him down that path in a way that he learns more about our ideas and why we want a concept implemented.

Ideas should not come freely, they should come with sweat, blood and tears. Meaning, a theorycrafter should create something they value and not something they just created because the idea struck them. Heres how I see Ideas. Ideas should be looked for daily, catered to daily and should look at all angles to grow the idea. Competitive matches, Public matches, and Strategy Guides should hold valuable insight into your idea.

Take this idea. During one competitive match, I saw that Admiralbulldog had Bloodseeker. His entire team had forcestaffs. The thing is I saw admiral bull dog use his ultimate, Rupture. Let me explain Rupture: Rupture is an ability that when you cast it on an enemy, they get a debuff. This debuff or sickness makes them lose health when they move. Force staff, is an item that when you cast it on an enemy it forces the enemy to move.

So, put two and two together. You cast rupture than you force the enemy to move around with all the force staffs, ultimately killing him. It’s a goldenway to unleash hell on the battlefield. Let’s take this idea further though. What if we counter that. But how would we.
Right now in dota, there is no anti-displacement. Forcestaff is a displacement ability because it forces an ally or enemy to move. But with A-DPM you consequently, keep an ally from being forcestaffed to death with a carefully placed A-DPM aura, field, zone.

The final area I am going to adjust is my profile Page. As of right now, the profile page is kind of mediocre it just links to Playdota. I want to have a full function profile page though something nice to interact with or view. Not just a link to another website. Another problem with linking to playdota is half the time the site is down or under the attack from ‘hackers’ according to google. So I don’t want any of that drama associated with my site. I love PD but I think I might make my own profile page. Keep things underwraps. Though, I might not do this until I put this website into its own website and not be hosted by wordpress.

I have a lot of learning before I can do that though. With that said, I hope to take this website and the suggestions area to new heights in the future. This has been a pleasant update on the web site, if you’re still viewing it, I hope you like what you see.

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