Pitlord coming soon…Woot =D

We had an eye-witness for what the new hero is going to be a couple of weeks ago. Its going to be some sort of hero with a mount. I hope they honestly come out with two at the same time. We’ve been waiting a long time, it be nice. I mean imagine the joy of having two new heroes.

One hero is good and requires a lot of maintenance. Yet, I think the amount of hype that a new hero will bring will out play the amount of balance it will bring. A lot of people want to see a hero or heroes that haven’t been part of Dota one. Also maybe a faster release of heroes.

There are two things that happen depending on the designers choice. Release too many heroes: the special feeling heroes provide is removed. Add too few heroes and players are introduced to a deep hunger that leads to apathy and lethargy.

Zet was just released and I am hungering for a new hero already and it was about a month or two ago. It usually happens right after release too. I am ecstatic, followed by, a deep yearning for a hero, followed by apathy because no hero came then comes lethargy and comotosity.

I honestly, cannot wait for a new hero to be brought on board. Something that was not ported, it will bring happiness to my soul. A lot of the newly ported heroes haven’t been fun either. Zet: too much micro. Oracle: Too synergistic, play-style, too complicated. Pitlord: Even though he is not released yet, his ability to port his whole team around the map like tinker or natures or wisp will get annoying real fast. Techies, Too much defense.

I value originality but those heroes are brought up against the fourth wall of what I can handle. They are by far too much.

Here is why oracle is too much.

Oracle is a good hero, brings some nice unique heals to the team. But I feel I have to read an encyclopedia just to use his abilities. Another thing is he doesn’t have too much freedom in his play-style. It’s just heal, heal and more heal. If you’re not healing than you heal some more. You damage enemies every once in a while followed by some dispelling but its all just healing really and it’s a really complicated heal. I shouldn’t need to read an encyclopedia just to learn a skill. I mean maybe that is fun to some people, I have no idea. But, it’s really complicated.

Take wind runner her shackle shot. An ability that is complicated on paper but has a lot of simplicity and depth in gameplay. Windrunner you just click and you aim. It mini-stuns if it doesn’t connect. Other wise it does an elongated stun if it catches two people. Basically it’s a stun mixed with a bounce ability. But that’s a really simplistic answer and really doesn’t cover the scope of the ability. But it’s a really fun ability.

Now take oracle. You have to click twice. Once to heal another time to dispel so it doesn’t turn into a damage ability. It’s needlessly complicated. The player has to do more. Sure it was simple to explain. Yet, its needlessly complicated in a match.

Now lets cover another hero Zet. Zets problem is that he requires micro. I have no problem with microing but it’s the fact that every time you summon the image. You have to re-hotkey it.  That’s another thing that’s needlessly complicated. I shouldn’t have to play a hero where I have to keep hotkeying. That’s annoying. And complicated. That’s not a skill that I want to adopt. Dota already has a ton of annoying challenges or skills you have to learn as a player. I don’t want to add continuous hotkeying to that que of prowess.

Take another hero who has a similar concept. Lone druid. Both Lone Druid and Zet both have the ability to control two heroes. The difference is that. Zet’s is needlessly complicated, forsaken for balance. While Lone Druid is simplistic. Too simplistic almost. I think both heroes need to meet a middle ground. They both need more depth.  One less complicated the other more complicated.

Who’s next pitlord, I lost my ability to play Vanilla Dota around the time Terrorblade was remade. So I really never had a chance to play heroes such as Zet, Oracle, Pitlord, etc until they were introduced into Dota 2. Most heroes I had a fun time with. Seems my aim got worse with powershot in dota 2 though. Dunno the screen seems zoomed in so its harder to aim. But I still get most of my shots off.

Anyway enough of my ranting the point is, I haven’t played pitlord yet. I only know that he can teleport allies and self around the map. That means, instead of going solo to snipe someone like I do with Io. Basically you can bring in the entire team.

A lot of people counter the Io play now, so I don’t see it being much of a problem. But Those first couple of months after release he’s going to be hectic.

Lets take the final hero. Techies. Techies theme is exciting when you hear about it. A bomber hero. But playing the hero is so boring. No interaction with other players. And than its very slow. To make matters worse, his slow playstyle is made worse because he slows down the game tremendously. I think it would be beneficial if his play-style was sped up.

These four heroes need to be remade heavily. I mean asap. PItlord can lose his zipzap. Techies should still be able to slow down the game but  speed up his gameplay by 1000x. Zet and oracle can lose the complicatedness and can gain more depth. Lone druid can lose the simpleness and gain more depth.

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