Monkey King Bar’s Stength

I need to start writing down what I plan. I had planned to write something else but I forgot it after twenty-four hours. I guess I need to learn my lesson. I will learn it one day. I just hope I learn it before it is too late. Anyway,

Today’s Topic: Monkey King Bar, that’s what I want to talk about today. The controversy of this idea is really powerful, I mean it’s strong. A lot of people have the opinion that MKB should not be altered.  They believe that it is strong as is.

They believe that evasion has some mystical power because in my opinion they are doing their math wrong. They know it but they don’t understand it.

The math is that as damage goes up EHP goes up or something like that. So basically, how I understand their side is that they believe that as EHP goes up your health goes up or the amount blocked. This is accurate but that’s not the entire story.

Basically, as EHP goes up evasion has to work harder to protect the player when it does proc. Otherwise, the ability is just blocking the same amount each time. Which is 100% damage. The same goes for Truestrike. As Evasion goes up Truestrike has to work harder to deal damage otherwise it deals the same amount of damage.

I tested it out anyway just to prove people wrong. The amount of damage it deals is the same.

Now I want to insert a nerf to MKB either through buying another item or directly. Either way, the idea is that MKB will deal less damage when focusing on heroes with evasion.

So if player a has evasion and player b has truestrike. Player b attacks player a. he will deal reduced damage.

Where as before player c has no evasion and player b has truestrike. Player b will deal 100% damage to player c.

What this means is that evasion isn’t completely countered. It has a chance to allow the evasion player to not waste gold when they buy evasion. Basically, evasion items only work in 2k mmr or below now. Mainly because most people 2k and below, unless you’re a smurf, don’t have the capabilities to farm the counter items.

In higher tier teams this evasion is pointless to almost buy. Butterfly is such a waste of gold now. The other two items are not though: Solar Crest and Heaven’s Halberd. Those items are by far really interesting. They provide alternatives that are really useful for the player. Butterfly users are better off buying a phase boots.

That items is by far really better on the player, than buying Butterfly.

Let’s admit, Butterfly hasn’t recovered since the introduction of MKB. It’s so pointess to buy now, phase boots active was added to it. It also gained to friends. In honest truth it might be better to remove. But that is a story for another day.

What could return butterfly to its prowess. Having it Semi-counter Truestrike and work as an assist item to Evasion pickups.

Just imagine. I you want to have evasion work semi-part of the way you have to pick up butterfly along with solar crest or Heaven’s Halberd.

Yet, my idea is instead of avoiding 100% damage, the damage is only reduced. This is the counter to Monkey King Bar I have been talking about for months now. The idea is not reducing the damage Truestrike does, or what ever else people may think, but reducing it’s damage when up encountering evasion items.

This idea is golden because evasion is really weak right now. I mean it is almost pointless to buy. I don’t want games returned where people bought four divine rapiers and butterfly. But I don’t want games where people buy mkb and instant kill you if you have butterfly.

Butterfly is so weak right now. It’s the weakest high tier item in the game at the moment. It’s really saddening.

Though I will admit, it is fun killing people when they have butterfly. Let’s try to admit that MKB has a really strong presence at the moment and is due for a much needed nerf. A nerf that has been waiting to come for several patches now.

The only reason it was implemented the way it was is because it was the limitations of the warcraft three engine. Well, I believe that limitation doesn’t exist anymore. Since we have a new engine that can push ideas further than before we can stretch how we implement things.  In truth though, a lot of work goes into these ideas from us and the devs. I hope the devs take our ideas into consideration like they once did. I hope they do. But that is my hope and prayer.

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