Re-imagining in-game abilities

Today’s topic: How to make an ability suggestion from in-game heroes. That is today’s subject matter.

If you know me from pd, you know that I posted a suggestion called fettershot. Fetter was a really sought after ability. Basically, it was a trip wire that moved in real-time instead of staying static. It’s length became extended the longer it traveled. Yet, how did I come up with that ability.

Fettershot came from seeing the uniqueness of shackleshot. I wanted to make something that competed with that ability. So, in response I came up with fettershot. It’s my most popular suggestion.

It’s not an aim ability but it brought uniqueness that other abilities didn’t have. But how did I come up with it. Well first what I do is I will spend fifteen minutes looking at abilities on Seeing how they function and seeing how they work. I could create a lobby in dota 2 but the website is quicker. So I viewed shackle shot a lot. Then I thought about what would make shackleshot even more unique so I looked at some other abilities.

One of those abilities was split arrow. You know the ability owned by medusa. That is how I came up with the animation. I thought what  if I combined the aiming of shackle shot with split arrow. So I thought about it for a while . Making several plans into what could be possible with what I had.
After several renditions , I settled with two arrows fired at the same time with a trip wire traveling between them. Then I had to come up with a viable animation for the trip wire. That was tough because it made no sense with the hero I was making it for, Drow ranger. Every thing I tried didn’t make sense. I tried lightning. It didn’t make sense. I tried darkness, but it didn’t mesh with the mechanics.

I mean the darkness worked out fine, in the end. But I couldn’t make it work mechanics wise. I couldn’t think of anything for darkness to do worthwhile. Stunning the target didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense.

So I posted it with finalization I wasn’t happy with. People still liked it though which is really cool.

Now on to the next idea, basically, the idea is that a targeted ally keeps surrounding players alive. I believe this idea is golden mainly because in gameplay it will be crucial to the winning of a team. So how did I come up with the idea?

Basically, the idea came about by the viewing of dazzle’s shallow grave and sven’s aghnims upgrade. Basically SG keeps a single ally alive or from the grips of death until the duration winds out. It’s a really good ability. Though I was thinking how could I take this idea further. So I settled with looking at other abilities already made.

The first thing I saw was sven’s ability. Where he boosts the damage of allies. I was thinking yes, that’s a grand idea. An ally that keeps other allies alive. Killing that one unit will make other allies vulnerable. Though, I started thinking it was too strong. Until I evaluated it further. It’s a nice idea.

Let’s make an idea on the spot. Let’s see I need a random hero. So I’mma look at nature’s prophet. His teleport is already maxed out with wisp and a couple other heroes so I don’t plan on using that ability. I am sure something new can be added with teleport or blink but, I don’t feel like using brain power to think about it. Sprout is nice but that is also not an applicable spell. I mean it’s just a special stun. But, I don’t want to make a stun.

We are left with two abilities his ultimate. And his summonable. So I think I will do the  summonable because I think I have an idea already. So lets see what we can do with this. Now we can take phantom lancer and turn illusions into a summonable or a group of summonables. But that is only good verse illusion heroes it will be otherwise useless.

Than we have two other abilities, based off the same idea. Basically, an enemy life is zapped an a summonable is created from it or a group of enemies. For every 200 zapped, the summonable has x hp. That is a good idea. But I have another idea. Going back to the last idea. Zap 400 life from an enemy and surrounding allied creeps and summonables stay alive longer until the zapped life dissipates from duration of allies taking too much damage.

That is the idea I have. It could go either way depending on what kind of hero you’re building.

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