Community Tab

I want to talk about today is adding back the Community tab in the dota main menu. Yet it will be different. In the community tab the players will have access to different things than before.

In the first community tab, you had access to custom tournaments, guilds and player stats. I want to take that a step further than what it was before.

First section Integrated Fansites.  Fansites would be playdota reborn, reddit/conceptdota and reddit/dota/, Dotafire, dotabuff, and any other dota fansite. Though they would not be accessed like a regular webpage. Basically, the content would be viewed but the website itself would not be customizable. So you could not type into a url. But you could click a tab that said dota wiki or liquid dota.  You could not go to other sites outside of the content presented on the page. Basically, you avoid having players go to smitefire or reddit/porridge but you could click on reddit/pudge, for all you pudge lovers.

Youtube has a special place on this and twitch. Basically, twitch and youtube videos could be of ease of access as a subsection under community. So all the youtube channels such dotacinema and dota2portal would show up. A special mention is for spotlighted episodes such as Gametheory’s new esports vs sports. But what else is there we could add.

Could add podcasts, not just uptodate podcasts but older podcasts also ones that aren’t updated anymore. Then you could add a subsection on blogs. Such as Three way highway, and conceptwrooks. Than sections on fan art and fan made models, that can be uploaded to the game to showcase what players like. Next,  a section on fanmade stories. Possibly a section on fanmade voiceovers, sound and music.

Finally, a subsection on community news and statistics.

This is to make the community more cultured. More than hat creation and tournaments. A community that actually can push us forward and make us into a thriving game that cares more about it more than just gameplay.

Gameplay is all good and dandy but, as a person you want to be part of something that has a whole world to it. In this way, the game will cater to players innate hobbies. So if you like writing, you can write. If you like drawing, you can draw. If you like making burping sounds, you can make burping sounds dedicated to dota. And finally if you like videocasting, you can make a twitch or youtube video.

But that’s not the end of it. Just think about this. You basically, do what playdota has done to its community. You cater to a specific need and allow players to make up their decisions on where they want to rest. Keeping them for many years to come.

Dota is a fantastic game, but a lot of it can be expanded on. He concetualcrafting scene could grow, the fanfiction could grow, the dota youtube videos could grow. Material on more dota topics besides tournaments could come out.

Why is the my little pony scene so popular because it caters to everyone’s hobbistic pursuits and it creates those. Dota is growing esports wise but its leaving its other sections in the dust. Strategic Theorycrafting is pretty much dead, fanfiction is pretty much dead. Dota lore is pretty much dead. But it doesn’t have to stay dead, it can grow, it can find audience members from others who might inspire interest in it.

Conceptual Theorycrafting can grow. Stategic Theorycrafting can become bigger. Youtube channels can become more varied. Sound development can grow.

I hope if this is implemented that the community will burst into a loud triumph of exploration and development.

This is on my birthday list. I know it wont come by spring cleaning, but hey, it’s something worth looking forward to. I ask one thing and one thing only. What can make this idea come to life.

An issue I see though is that of favoritism, how do you playdown valve from playing favoritism over other  content. I mean I guess that technically already happens with custom games. SO there is no argument there. But will it be such an issue if valve implements this new enriched community tab.

What about the guilds. The guilds was a good idea. But it was implemented bad. IMO, it should have more power and more freedom.  In the original client source 1, guilds was just a place to just collect people together. It had no real significance in the game. Most of the time, guild members did not communicate. So I ask valve to start that idea. An idea worth implementing. One that will unify the community and also bring about some more culture into the mix.

Last but not least to have a message board installed into the client. SO you can access this message board from the client. You do not have to press shift + tab to access this message board on any of the content I have suggested. It is easily accessible much like custom games and buying hats and watching tournaments.

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