Improving Friendliness in Games

Today, I was reading another blog about dota 2 and thought of a way to get rid of some of the acidity from players. Not sure how it would pan out but I liked the ideas that spring forth from today. Not sure how effective it would be either. Basically, a gold system that functioned like alchemist’s farming ability.

The objective of the ability is to share gold more. Not through just kills but also through creep kills. So basically, when an ally gets a non-hero kill on the map, your GPM is increased slightly. Additionally, when an ally gets a non-hero kill near you, the player gets assist gold.

There are tons more that can be done to contribute with player to player relationships, such as support consumables not costing gold (sentries, observer, dust, etc). But giving more gold would increase player to player assistance.

Another thing that can be done is if a player gets a kill, their damage can be raised or if an ally dies, their armor can be raised. Not forever but for a small amount of time.

It depends on what the designers are striving after. More gold will increase the prices of items, but controlled assist gold will have friendly effects on the game.

The one thing this does is it puts more importance on last hitting because if your team can last hit better than the enemy team than their gold as a team will be increased substantially. The one thing I want to put forward is that another possibility is to have one gold pool among allies.

This might create more drama because some people spend drift easily. But it might create a more localized communication. Teams will have to focus on gaining and spending gold as a team. Spend too much gold on one player and the rest of your team suffers. In the event, the enemy team is better at managing gold than they will be better prepared to deal with a player and their allies.

This will remove a lot of the selfishness rooted in the game. Players have to work as a team to spend democratically, opposed to hording all the kills for themselves. Having free wards and support consumables will help in pushing this idea forward. Supports won’t feel obligated that they didn’t economize their team’s gold good enough. Position 1  – 3 will feel the blunt end of the stick if they do not economize good enough.

One thing this will do is have two effects.

First it will increase the effectiveness of cookie cutter builds. Players won’t feel comfortable experimenting with builds because their team will not want to waste gold on items they do not find beneficial. Keeping a kind of static gameplay, a gameplay consisting of no growth, no experimentation. But this gameplay is already happening but having a shared gold pool among allies only increases the influence of this decision.

Second, a shared gold pool will have the problem of creating a bias towards certain players. If a player is bad at spending gold or gaining gold, players will not want to play with them and might report them. That is a downside to this system.

That’s what will happen from a shared gold pool. Yet lets look at the facts. One thing the designers do is through game design promote a friendlier atmosphere. It is up to them on how they will tackle this. I have given my suggestions, Shared gold pool, increased gpm on allied attacks, assist gold for non-hero kills, and free support items.
Special mention to free support items, they should still have some sort of risk and have the player work for it, but not cost gold. Gold is a non-essential  commodity in a supports life and forcing it down their throats only makes the game frustrating for everyone.  Item’s such as aether lens, force staff, and guinsoo should still cost gold. But item’s like sentries, observers, and dust should be free.

Also more items that assist in boosting the allies your assisting. Who ever they may be. This can be through an aoe item that gives additional damage and gold to allies but not to self. An item giving additional armor to allies and not to self will be a plus to the game. There is so much that can be done to assist in supporting the team that the designers have no done yet.

There are so many routes that can be taken to increase the friendliness in games. LPQ doesn’t seem helpful. It just creates people who can’t escape the hell that it is and others who try and help but get frustrated.


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