Interview with Void (round 1)


Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)

Void: I am just an ordinary Malaysian teenager here. Nothing special about me with regards to my background. As for DotA, the first time I heard of it was during elementary school. At that time, I overheard my classmates talk about this game and I was baffled, at that time. It was not until middle school when I started to get a hands-on experience of it. That time, I went to neighboring Singapore to further

my studies, and my fellow Malaysian friends were all heads-over-heels for DotA. I was interested and so I got a copy of Warcraft III (and DotA) from them. One of my friends taught me how to play this game, and that’s pretty much how Dota started to become part of my life.

Wrooks: I had a similar experience friends introduced me to it in a pc cafe. So I mostly played there. Fun times. What hero did you start out on?

Void: Kardel Sharpeye (Sniper). Was undeniably the simplest hero at that time that did not involve much skills to play, and so my friend taught me the basics of DotA with this hero.

Wrooks: what hero was the first that you were drawn to?

Void: It might have been Sven. For me, Storm Bolt looked very cool with its texture and I was amazed that it stuns an area instead of merely a target, considering the fact that I did play a bit of Warcraft’s Mountain King.

Wrooks: So it was the animation that drew you not the spell itself?

Void: It’s a little bit of both.

Wrooks: You sound like the gamasutra magazine, have you read it?

Void: No, never even heard of it, to be honest.

Wrooks: It’s a game development magazine, its completely online, thats what I was trying to reproduce with the dota magazine i was making but it failed cause well people got busy.  have you ever considered reading a dev mag?

Void: Not before, but now that you mention it, I feel interested to read one.

Wrooks: Yea its good stuff.

Wrooks: Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?

Void: I used to adopt the name ‘No one’ in Warcraft III. The idea behind this name is kind of a poor attempt at humor. The kill feed that appears. whenever a hero is killed will show the name of the killer like ‘ just pwned ‘s head!’, so I felt like it will be funny if it appears as ‘No one just pwned ‘s head!’ instead. I would never have expected at that time that this would evolve to eventually become my own online persona instead. My PD username was noonepwnedsome1 due to this too. Originally, I wanted it to be ‘noonepwnedsomeone’, but there wasn’t enough space so the latter ‘one’ became ‘1’ instead. More importantly, I did not know that this username will become my name that I cannot change. Till this day I kind of regret for not putting caps for the appropriate letters.

Wrooks: o cool, thats actually a really cool story. When did you start visiting the suggestions forum?

Void: The funny thing about my PD account is that I created the account in June 2010 thinking I will have use for it, but it was not until around November or December 2011 that I really started using it. And the first subsection I went to was the Suggestion forum. As to why I went there, at that time there were ideas I had penned down that i really wanted the international community to have a look so, remembering that I have this account, I started using it to post my ideas.

Wrooks: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene, lore making, shoutcasting or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum?

Void: Perhaps it was the urge of wanting to exercise creativity within me and coupled with the fact that I am not committed to the actual gameplay of DotA, I turned instead to the area that is considered somewhat disconnected from the reality of gaming.

Wrooks: i mean why not make videos than?

Void: Partly due to my commitment to schoolworks. DotA was to me nothing more than a hobby back then. Plus, I was not really familiar with amateur video-making and I hardly wanted any attention, so I did not tread that way.

Wrooks: makes sense, makes sense. Lets get down to business, What heroes do you consider to be needing of a serious change?

Void: Change in terms of what?

Wrooks: You’re not satisfied with the hero’s gameplay in some way.

Void: It would be the newest Winter Wyvern. If you bring Winter Wyvern onto a piece of paper and post it as an idea in the Suggestion forum, people would actually notice that SPlinter Blast is meant to combo with Winter’s Curse (in that using the target of Curse as the main target of Splinter so that the ones attacking the target of Curse could be hurt from a ricocheted Splinter). The recent changes to him/her kind of deviated from this path and now Curse seems more like a pseudo-Song of the Siren instead, except maybe you could finish a weaker hero off.

Wrooks: do you mean new in terms of dota 1 or dota 2. Zet was just released a week ago or close to it. I stopped keeping track of dota 1 in 2011. Though I think they will do one more hero for dota 1 before it dies but its just speculation.

Void: It is in terms of Dota 2, where Winter’s Curse now grants physical immunity for victims.

Wrooks: Eek really?

Void: Yes, 100% resistance. It’s a 6.86 thing.

Wrooks: so basically, you can only use spells, that sux. So you need a caster team with him. he’s already kind of complicated and slow, not even axe had that type of nerf and he seems more powerful and has a greater game impact.

Void: I think it’s to counter the overuse of Winter Wyvern in the competitive scene. Most teams use her to initiate and set up for the others to follow up with their spells.

Wrooks: yea i need to watch more competitive dota? Which leagues are free to watch?

Void: I have not watched any competitions since TI5, so I am not sure.

Wrooks: Omitting yourself and I, Who is someone you look up to in the suggestion forum?

Void: To be honest, I have nobody whom I look up to. The closest to being that would perhaps be JJE92.

Wrooks: What makes you aspire to emulate him?

Void: His clarity in making the suggestions especially in explaining the rationale. It made me realise that you have to sell your idea to a person

: and anticipate the questions he/she will ask for clarification.

  End of Round 1

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