Hero Updates and Card Theme Attributes?

Sorry for no update yesterday, I feel better but I’ve been spending the day working on a major update. Practically, it’s an update that changes most of the heroes in some way and formatting for another update I have finished but want to fix some of the rough edges. Basically, the second update is to turn the attribute system into a card theme system.

I know right, card collectors. What’s he thinking? Stay with me, it has its pluses. For the card system, I hope to post a simplified version on playdota. The advanced version of the concept will go on my site. Basically, the card theme system allows players to see their attributes as cards.

It’s a really good system, it needs some adjustments but I like what I have so far. I believe it will bring some bonuses to the game that the game didn’t have before. Like it will enable people to more easily accept card changes over attribute changes.

Believe me people believe that it will have some big impact onto the game but it won’t, it will just be another change.

Heres what I mean, If the player change attackspeed to movespeed. It just means players can chase other characters more: Which they already do, while attackspeed is something that is rare (kind of like how boots are now) It changes how items are used mainly but for the heroes they don’t change much. They don’t need redesigning. If they do it’s just number crunching it won’t hurt to do some number crunching. Number crunching takes a few months to settle down. While changes to something like hero abilities take a few years to adjust right.

For this reason I hope to update the attribute system with the card system. It’s a monumental idea. It brings into the game something that other moba’s don’t have and that’s a system where players can relate to their heroes.
I mean when a player plays a dota hero who is in turn a card collector, the player can see that they are collectors of memorabilia just like a person in the real world.

I still have to work out the simplified version first so it all makes sense though.


With the revamping of every hero, I hope to bring something fun to every hero in the game. That’s the basic premise of that idea. I hope to redesign the game into something more favorable. It’s just conceptualcrafting though. Just think how monumental this idea is with dota heroes the player has things that are pretty much ideal for the heroes.

The main thing that will be a problem is people relearning heroes, which are the only real issue I see with my revamped hero pool. People will have to find the strengths and weaknesses of every hero again. Things won’t be easy.

It’s something that encourages growth as a community and an open mind. Another thing it will inspire is people being kinder. If everyone is learning the game, players will be easier on their teammates. They have no choice though because, no one knows the strengths, and weaknesses  of the heroes because they haven’t been tested out yet, except by the development team. If you’re a douche bag when everyone is learning than you suck and deserve to be reported.

Heroes are by far a really fun commodity in this game, it’s what makes this game turn. Yet, if that changes what’s to say what can or cannot be changed in this game.

As part of my training to change the hero/item pool, I hope to study chess and maybe some other strategy games, some games not to hard to delve into.

I think it will be a good training experience. Chess will teach me what is applicable and what is not. Hopefully, I can learn what I need to learn.

Yea, I’m going to spend a lot of time looking at different games. This means, I have to remember all the abilities in dota in order to manipulate them in my head. It will take some real effort to achieve this change.

I will have to learn all the heroes. So this update comes with a great price, mainly time. I cannot speed up time, and I cannot slow it down. I can only show up everyday.

Mainly, Two major updates I am working on. Revamping of the hero pool and Revamping of the attributes.  With these two updates, I hope to gain add some more value for the game. Hopefully, it is a change for the best. (if it gets implemented)

Remember no ducks were hurt in the production of this article… yet.

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