Void Interview: Round 2

Wrooks: What is your recipe for creating a suggestion?

Void: Having a random ability idea (or several of them) pop up in my mind, and then building a hero based around it.

Wrooks: If I gave you an ability now could you make a hero on the spot?

Void: Sure, but no guarantees that it will be a good one.

Wrooks: I just want to pick your brain thats all. Anyway here it is: Basically, the ability is the ability to gain mana when enemies and allies/self cast abilities surrounding the unit

Void: Then there must be two things about this hero reflected in the rest of the abilities: firstly, the hero must be able to coerce enemies/encourage allies to cast spells near him/her; secondly, this hero must be able to utilise mana well, or have spells that cost a lot of mana, which means strong spells.

Wrooks: continue… actual spells

Void: Alright anyway, based on my analysis of the hero, the given ability would likely be a 2nd or 3rd skill. If we are to uphold the stereotype of attributes in DotA, this hero would be an intelligence hero. With that said, an ability that could potentially coerce enemies and encourage allies to use spells nearby would be an active ability like the recently dropped Curse of the Silent. That would be the first ability: the active spell, when activated, will inflict a debuff on nearby enemies with mana and a buff on allies. The allied buff would be somewhat similar to the Arcane rune, but this time every cast of spell increases health and mana regen and will have a reduced cooldown for that cast. As for the debuff, the enemies could lose health and mana at a steady rate until they cast a spell, whereby the rate of losses decreases. Several casts would be needed to completely dispel this debuff, and the number may be increased with skill level.


As for the second ability, we would like to start and utilise the mana gained from spell-casts. I would suggest that the second active ability to be one that spends a portion of the hero’s current mana to deal damage and/or disable based on the amount of mana spent. It could be an AoE disable and damage the likes of Light Strike Array, of which there is a delay between cast and impact.


After having the given ability as the third skill, the ultimate could utilise both the second and the third skill (potentially the first skill as well). It will be an AoE spell that needs channeling before the impact takes place, but the impact would cause heavy damage and perhaps silence the enemies. This spell will also have a high manacost. Perhaps the spell can also cause allies hit to be able to cast the same spell twice before it goes on cooldown.

Wrooks: interesting spell choices, Do consider Strategy Guides and Commentaries by players like Tobiwon and Luminous a good source for conceptualizing ideas?

Void: I don’t think they are a good source, if not almost impossible to draw ideas from.

Wrooks: What are some of the thoughts that run through your mind when you review a suggestion?

Void: Mostly about how it would turn out

Wrooks: what do you mean?

Void: If it were to be implemented in the game, how it would turn out, how would I play it, how would I be treated, etc.

Wrooks: O that makes sense, have you tried your hand at hammer?

Void: The hammer editor?

Wrooks: Yea

Void: Oh no, I have never actually moved any hero suggestions to the game.

Wrooks:  what’s stopping you?

Void: Mostly the fear of needing to spend a long time and harbour frustration towards actually successfully building one.

Wrooks:  Isn’t everything in life come with a taste of frustration though?

Void: It’s a matter of life priorities, really.

Wrooks: makes sense, I created my blog on wordpress so I wouldn’t need to spend hours dealing with bbcode. So i understand.

Void: Yeah similarly, when I know I need to spend a whole afternoon creating just one hero which literally serves no purpose other than self-satisfaction, I just don’t feel it worth. At that time schoolworks are more important.

Wrooks:  My grandfather just gave me some advice a couple weeks ago that might be applicable now. Alls you need is 15 mins a day. And if you wake up or go to sleep 15 mins later than thats all the time you need. Also keep thorough notes. Though his advice was for writing not game development. Do you still write?

Void: Oh yes, I do. In fact, I am currently writing one right now.

Wrooks: What’s it about? shouldn’t have asked…have a feeling its dota but yea what’s it about…I know you told me you wanted to start one about dota at some point.

Void: Oh sadly that isn’t about DotA. It is based off another game I play, which is a MMORPG. To be honest, I may not be starting writing on DotA anytime soon.

Wrooks:  O cool. What mmorph? witcher? guild wars?

Void: It’s MapleStory. To be absolutely honest, while bounded by the storyline that always updates itself with patches, it’s easier to make a story based off this than DotA, although the latter has a greater degree of freedom.

Wrooks: I tried that game once, it wasn’t my cup of tea. though the characters look so ehm adorable.

Void: That game defined my childhood. It was my first MMORPG and subsequently an introduction into the gaming world. Though now I don’t really like where the game and its meta is going, I still like the storyline within it.

Wrooks: Yea i still visit my childhood games from time to time. O theres this one game but it gives your computer a blue screen. Its called simant, it was an awesome game, aside from the blue screen its awesome. have you played it before?

Void: Sadly, no. I did not venture far into the world of MMORPG. Many a time, the extent of me playing these games also depend on whether they come to my place.

Wrooks: i think sim ant my be a free to play game now not sure youd have to google it…any way back to dota, What do you think of the shaper’s challenge?

Void: As far as I remember, The Shaper’s Challenge inception came at a time when the original Complete the Hero series was speculated to have stagnated. So far, ironically, TSC itself seems to have stagnated while CTH actually got back to business again. I think TSC is great for competition quickies but it’s not so much a good competition to judge and analyse a hero completely.

Wrooks:  What are some of your personal philosophies?

Void: Mostly self-reliance. I tend to have a mindset of trying not to bug people around me as much as possible unless absolutely needed.

Wrooks:  I see, what about when it comes to group projects in school or when you’re writing something. Every writer needs a writing group to prosper atleast if you plan on growing ( that and time)

Void: Group projects are a different thing whereby I see my group as the whole ‘self’ instead. As for writing groups, I may employ one soon enough if I plan for a collaborative work.

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