Void Interview (Round 3)

Wrooks:  What platform are you using for your story?

Void: In the past, I used to post my stories on gaming fora’s fanfic section. Now, I use Fanfiction.net. /e

Wrooks: I remember you telling me about fanfiction just yesterday, what drew you to fanfiction?

Void: It’s about similar with what drew me to the Suggestion forum. A slew of ideas in my mind, and me wanting to find somewhere to express these pent-up ideas. As to specifically fanfiction, I tend to imagine possible scenarios of which a story could be built upon, thus that drew me to fanfiction. What is interesting, however, is that despite this being said, I have much less interest when it comes to reading the works of others. /e

Wrooks: I agree, i hate reading but love writing. Though why i force myself to read is because i read alot of writer’s memoirs (also 101 habits of successful writers) and they all say the same thing , reading, writing, a group who helps you mature your writing and you mature theres, an ideal reader, a diary. the ability to observe, ehm one more soaking in everything you come in contact with, and fire (in your soul like a hunger) thats everything a writer needs. and it needs to be catered to daily. not wants but needs. its the reason i force my self to read and i have actually come across stories i like its just that reading is frustrating /e

Void: To be really, really frank, I feel like reading would be a lot less frustrating had it been on print instead, but that is just me. As for the tips you mentioned, I concur with most of them. However, I think there’s a difference between having writing as your hobby and as your career, and the main one would be your commitment towards writing. /e

Wrooks:  Never read steven eriksons or Steven king’s biographies than. The amount of hours they spent on writing before they actually made it a career. Special note is authors like Brandon Sanderson, I don’t know how he did it. But he got his boss to let him right for his eight hour shift while he worked. (I mean sure they probably gave him other stuff to do) but thats crazy. He was so determined to write that he got his boss to give the ok.


Also it wasn’t really a career for Steven King for a long time. I mean yea he made his first buck when he was like four. But generally, it was his hobby turned career. You write more in a career as a writer. All the writer’s I email say they have no time for anything because they’re writing. They complain about it. They spend like fourteen hours writing where as before it was around: four to seven. It’s almost ridiculous. Sanderson always says in his podcast that he writes on his treadmill. Not sure if thats a joke or serious but. I don’t know the guy personally so.

Void: These are people who truly commit to writing. The ideas tend to proliferate in their head and hence they are able to spit out their ideas at almost every hour. While I admire them for their ability to do so, I tend to question the sincerity when it turns into a career. See, another difference between career and hobby is that career contains more pressing demands from your readerbase. In such a pressing situation, you cannot reject the fact that there may be hints of ‘rushed work’ in a writer’s piece. Whereas if writing is to you your hobby, things will be much more lenient and simple. You may have a readerbase, but they may not exactly be as demanding. I guess both writing as a career and writing as a hobby have their pros and cons. /e

Wrooks:  That is true, thats why sometimes there stories fall short, they didnt put in the work before their careers took off, you should read the ‘malazan book of the fallen’, i haven’t heard of one reader who has picked it up that hasn’t liked it. though the language is very ambiguous. its like a modern day ulysses though it contains like 5 million words in its cannon. the other is the ‘codex alera’ series its a wonderful series its basically professional fanfiction.


and erikson put in the work as a hobby before his career took off, i haven’t done much research on butcher so i have no idea, but erikson; he won’t disappoint. Though like i said its very ambiguous, might take a few reads to understand his point. o one more thing eh there are some artists i read up on, forgot there names though. One is a guy. They guy was a math major in college. But he surprised his parents and picked up art something he had no skill in or even thought about doing ever in his life. He spent four years dedicated to just art. Every waking hour even skipping meals. And he became really good at what he does. Now hes  a professional illustrator. Though he didn’t like many of his art careers he loves illustrating. according to what i read. wish i could remember his name though

ah i have forgotten it. o yea there is a lady named clare shenstone, she said in an interview that she thought of art as breathing or using the toilet. It was just something she did all the time. now everyones not like that i understand. not everyone has that fire. thats the fire i was talking about earlier. stephen king after wiping his *** with poison ivy still found time to write because it was a part of his soul. me i like doing these interviews more than anything else =D.  It just finding time (not my schedule but others these questions take to long to ask) because usually we have some good dialogue going on like now. /e

Void: The books you mentioned look interesting, I will have to find time to read them. And from what you have mentioned, that fire really shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s just that I haven’t ignited one yet. /e

Wrooks: sometimes you have to work for it. other times it comes on its own. there are probably days when steven king or erikson or butcher or card or whoever doesn’t feel like writing ( i mean when it was a hobby) but they still made himself write. because they enjoyed it.


Read biographies they teach alot about the difference between people who accomplish thinggs and people who aspire to accomplish things or let ‘life’ stifle their dreams. Right now i want to read einstein’s.

Void: I remembered reading biographies, but they were of politicians so it did not help much. I think I might just go and read someone else’s work after this. /e

Wrooks: I didn’t mean to make it seem urgent, haha wow. Just stating my opinion. What are you interested in beside maplestory and dota?

Void: In the fantasy world? Ehh, I guess not really much right now, other than the mainstream ones. /e

Wrooks:  I mean like anime, famous figures, poetry, art, music, programming, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. /e

Void: This might sound crazy, but I am actually into politics myself. Mainly the local politics and to some extent, politics concerning contemporary terrorism.  /e

Wrooks: I’m not into politics, so i have no idea what to ask you, anything pressing on your mind you’d like to discuss? though i hear there is a story called teusday (forget the rest) that deals with our politics but its a fantasy story so it has a fantasy spin to it. my bad its called ‘thursday next’


i’ve never read it so i have no idea how good it is but since you like politics you might like it /e.

Void: Nothing else then, though you might have given me an idea to use politics in my fanfic.

Wrooks: What are your top 3 favorite or inspirational media (Movies, books, tv shows, or animes, or comics)?

Void: It would be the Harry Potter series, the Monty Python series, but I can’t name a third one.

Wrooks:  Thats fine. Read Thursday Next series, Song of ice and fire, malazan or codex alera. THey’re way better than harry potter though four remains my ultimate favorite book under ender’s game. the one when we’re introduced to the shapeshifting dog (that’s the fourth one right?)

Void: I see, those are very interesting choices. /e

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