Pudge and Invoker Needs a change

These two characters have held the top slot for way to long. Spectre is starting to make a dent in 5k games and higher but the majority of players pick either Invoker or Pudge.

The problem with this is lower tier players don’t know how to handle these two characters. So the question is do we make guides to teach people to counter these two characters or do we place them in shit tier.

I hope to go over some of the things that can be done in lower tier games to counter-weight his activity boost since like forever. Imo, one or two characters should not dominate the game. Each bracket should have a different hero that they play and that should change each month for every bracket.

But as of now Pudge and Invoker are top-tier characters always in anything lower than the 5k player base. You might ask, why don’t these higher tier players pick these characters more often. You come to the conclusion that they know how to dodge hook. They place wards in spots that Pudge will most likely hide. Lower tier games are supposed to prepare you for higher tier games, but it doesn’t.

It doesn’t because the game isn’t balanced around every bracket. If it was built around every bracket we’d have a more varied change of different characters being used for 0.5k -4.5k Instead we have the same characters being used Invoker and Pudge. With Pudge only losing to Windrunner in all brackets a couple of months ago. This proves that with the Windrunner change something was done right to  balance around all brackets. But, it has the opposite effect of what should be aimed for if all brackets were balanced for. If all brackets have different characters in each bracket that change each month. Then people will learn how to deal with different heroes in lower tier games oppose to being setup with the same heroes from month to month and then being annihilated if they pay to have their account boosted.

The good thing about having Pudge and Invoker being played in all lower tier games or most here after is that players learn to adjust to these characters quicker. Than if you play with other characters.

I mean on a development level it does make kind of sense. You start out with one or two heroes and then move on from there. But the thing is lower tier players are still not growing unless they get a boost or a coach.

Another thing to take into account is that lower tier players are not picking based on win rate like the higher tier players (FOTM) they are picking based on heroes they’re comfortable with.

Take Spectre, her win rate is in first place this month and while pudge’s is in fortieth place. Pudge is picked most of the time. Actually, that seems to be a common denominator in top picked heroes. They have some gimmick or some way of dominating the game in a cool flashy way.

Legion commander – Duel

Pudge – Hook + Dismember

Invoker – 27 abilities

Where as top-tier players take the most strategical. But the question holds why is Pudge still top player. Why is Invoker still top player. These two heroes need to be changed so they have less desirability.

But you ask why would you want to change these two heroes? They are perfect. Fun, Desired, Balanced.

Balanced, (chuckles), having too much play can be a sign that the hero is imbalanced. That something about the character makes it stand out and choosable most years out of the score compared to other heroes.

This goes for all the heroes by the way. No hero should see more play than another hero. Unless that hero is vastly outdated.

Unless you happen to be a hero like Invoker, Pudge or Earthshaker who stay current throughout the years. It’s been 10 years and people still favor Pudge over other heroes. Is it his visual style, his skill set. I have no idea, I didn’t ask people. But it is safe to say that these heroes are by far really something that needs to be altered to be toned down so that they are not picked so often patch after patch.

The thing is people do not even complain about these heroes. Pudge has seen play throughout the years consistently as a top pick even though his difficulty and winrate hasn’t been all there. The same thing can be said about Invoker.

A combination of game impact, winrate, pickrate, and battle impact should all be included in a heroes redesign. So that they are not too strong, but not too weak either. Suffice, something in between so that most heroes are in the medium range of these four stats.

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