Void Interview (Round 4)

Wrooks: I do remember that professional writers had to put there writing to once a week when a child was born but after a certain period they let the child know that their time writing was  their time writing and it couldn’t be disturbed. I think king does it in the mourning when everyone is at work though. 4 – 1 forget.

Wrooks: Taking breaks are good but getting back on track is a good thing, In your dota suggestions and reviews what do you do to stay on track?

Void: And the funny thing is…. I seldom do. I just rely on my occasional adrenaline rush or not at all.

Wrooks: Have you ever considered doing the opposite of that: Pushing yourself when you have no adrenaline?

Void: Sometimes I do. For example, when I pestered myself to finish judging entries in CTH 26. That was also how I managed to conclude it in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Wrooks: Thats what i think a writers group is suppose to do give you energy when you have none like what cth did for you. im not in a writers group so i dont know. not gonna aim for one for another 3 years.

i want to write consistently before i involve other people

my problem is i am consistent for like 3 months than i run out of energy. the longest i ever did was from august till january. my problem is i tend to get overly excited so write 5k words a day and tire myself out by the end lol. erikson in one of his blogs says when you’re tired your suppose to fight through it not give up. thats why i feel so strongly about it. i see others being lazy like me and it makes me want to say don’t do that. hard work pays off in the end. me and jokomopo were discussing this same thing. if you want to be successful don’t look to take a shortcut put in the hardwork. Or in other words the people who don’t look for success and just try to make a living usually are successful.  except jk rowling…she had a depressive spout and won out. her over night success is rare. but harry potter is good until like book six. imo.

Void: You are a lucky one. My consistency is only for a month or so, and then I go to about 2 months of hibernation before having another hour or two of adrenaline rush, then losing it, rinse and repeat. You might want to consider the fact that it is actually legitimate to procrastinate when writing. I am not saying that it is good to procrastinate, but just that don’t blame yourself if you find yourself unwittingly procrastinate while trying to write stuff. /e

Wrooks: Well actually recently I bought a book about procrastination. it says to do things like exercise and take time to do something else but still push through. let me get it. So basically, the page I opened up on it said: “We will not coddle you, or make excuses for you to put your writing off, we will instead give you tips to stretch yourself.,” no joke thats what i opened to. So it says you have to apprentiship yourself, meaning read, write and analyze stories daily. gotta find out how to it says you should actually do that though without burning yourself out. One way is through silence, find a quiet place to be and if you can’t find that use soothing music like aromatic music. it says to do a short walk, inbetween long writing sessions, get more sleep, excercise. I just remembered a book a read a long time ago, called the art of learning. it might help i haven’t tried this. I just read it and thought it probably didn’t work but i haven’t tried it.

So basically when you set a habit you need a cue. O wait no that was to change his feelings about it nevermind. He didn’t like giving speeches so the writer (a chess master) helped him get over his feelings. Do  your parents let you buy any book you want?

Void: Yeah they do. I always preferred books on politics, and often they let me have it. Anyway, it’s true that you do need to build on a strong base to be able to write. And of course, like how your book implies, there is a way (or rather an art) to procrastinate such that it is not actually demotivating. /e

Wrooks: Because I bought another book like a year ago, i think called ‘the power of habit’  in that book it has 3 ways to create a habit, which i haven’t tried. One, change the cue, two keep the same cue but change the routine, three keep the same cue and routine but change the reward. What were you going to say?
though diary writing is integral to discovering each of those elements, i cant get my self to consistently diary write so it doesn’t help when you need that to change you cue/ routine, reward system

Void: To be honest, self-help books such as the one you read often talks about ways that are more helpful for the author himself/herself rather than readers. Not to say that these books are not helpful at all, but the amount of help they can give is quite limited. In most cases you’d be better discovering your own ways. Such is an answer you will get when you ask someone who’s philosophy is self-reliance.

Wrooks:  I dunno, it’s like Ender said in Ender’s Game, when people say certain things or I interact with other people, I learn something I hadn’t realized before. For example they gave two examples maybe three in the book. But the example i will give is the one when Ender was training his army. Basically, Ender was given a really green army, Newbie to the newbiest. Many of them didn’t even know how to use a gun (toy gun).  Any way theres a scene when hes teaching them and he says to Bean who is pretty much a self reliant person. Bean keeps coming up with answers. But hes trying to get the rest of the platoon to come up with answers only they don’t want to because they feel they’ll make a mistake. Ender says, if you don’t share your mistakes with others than noone learns. Bean is doing a service by asking questions because when it comes to an actual war its the soldier who asks questions that keeps his team from dieing other than someone who bottles things up. but bean was sent on an a punishment because he pushed ender too far, during that scene. Theres another scene where ender has a conversation with his sister about leaves falling. and it helps him defeat the main boss. (If you want to find out how you have to read it ^_0) but its not too hard to guess.

Void: Of course if that book has helped you it’s fine. However, it is important to know that not all such books can be helpful. As such, you have to disseminate info well and take what you think is the most relevant to you. /e

Wrooks:  Babies are nice but in my opinion nothing is like making them, what ideas are you in the process of creating?

Void: There’s none as of now, but I am currently awaiting the judging phase of CTH 27, of which I am a judge.

Wrooks: Keeping the idea of babies in mind, what’s the longest you have spent on a suggestion or story?
Void: For a suggestion a few hours is usually enough for me. As for a story, if I decide to write a short it could take up to 3 to 4 days. But if it’s a novel….. I regret to say that I have not finished any of what I started.

Wrooks: It all comes down to you like you said but have you tried writingexcuses.com they have a course for completing a book in a year. /e

Void:  Never heard of it, but I might learn something from it. /e

Wrooks: They do alot of theorycrafting about writing but what’s helpful is the homework assignments. Things they say are interesting also though, you can decide if it’s helpful for you since that’s how you work. By the way about reading, I found out I like books or reading things I can relate to in my personal life, even though i dream about fantasy, I like to read things that pertain to me. I don’t know if that will help you find something you like to read or not.

Void: It is already happening to me. Remember that I mentioned I am into politics and read books about it? That is because politics is something which I can largely relate to in my life, even though none of my family members has a political career. /e

Wrooks:  If you take up to reading biographies other than politicians you’ll find that alot of them have someone that took them under their wing. Tiger woods did so did michael jordan.  While alot of Jordan is also luck. For example he had bad luck because he didn’t get varsity basketball role, at first, because he was too short in the beginning. But he had alot of good luck too. growing unexpectantly, mentors, etc. people being in the right place at the right time. /e

Void: It may be some time before I actually read biographies to learn from them what I can improve. For now, I do so just to understand how they get to where they are now. /e

Wrooks: What are some general parts of a concept or idea you consider no no’s or redflags? /e

Void: You know those kind of heroes in games that are infamously dubbed ‘MMR raisers’? If my idea turns out to be something like this, I will definitely rethink a new idea. /e

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