Void (round 5)

Wrooks: Going back to the no nos earlier, what are some limitations in the process of how suggestions are suggested you wish you would change if you could?

Void: This may sound a bit illogical, but I wish to change the fact that most people are somehow forced or limited to think that their hero idea must be complicated. If you have looked at some of summer-penguin’s works, I must say that his works are a prime example of this.


The fact is, while complicatedness may be accepted about 3-4 years ago, people actually want suggestions to be simple again. Simple but innovative, that is the kind of suggestion people want to see now. /e

Wrooks: How would you make those changes? /e

Void: I like to lead by example (even though I am not active in that subforum currently). CTH 26 was a prime example. And I intend to reiterate my stand when I start to judge CTH 27. /e

Wrooks:  That is a good principle to live by, it usually promotes change (atleast in history), what other principles do you live by? (apparently you and jon mcdonald live by the same principle)

Void: There is another principle besides leading by example and self-reliance, it is to never make assumptions. It can cause a lot of misunderstandings. /e

Wrooks:  You live by some nice principles. That writing excuses actually made me want to write (even though im already doing it) Talking about changes, what hero models would you change in dota 2?

Void: I’m gonna go with the flow and say Slardar. The new Slardar simply cannot be compared with the old one. /e

Wrooks:  your one of those lol i never knew…If you were speaking to a new suggestor what advice would you give to them? /e

Void: Let your creativity take over you and find a good base to start your idea. If you think of an interesting ability or concept, be sure to create your idea based around that concept. And please, be clear with the details but don’t make it so complicated that the others could not understand the concept of your idea! /e

Wrooks:  We haven’t covered this yet, but what are your general ideas on Heroes of the storm and Lol?

Void: People can dispute over who copied from who, but it is a fact that LoL is a creation from the limitations of the Warcraft III mechanics that used to host DotA. I am not quite sure about HotS, but overall now, I think they are just three different kinds of games. /e

Wrooks: Hots is a new type of beast, it has mini games built into its objectives. Some of the heroes are not suited for dota at all though.
Void: Yep, so to reaffirm my opinion, I think these 3 games are different kinds of games.

Wrooks: Other game companies take ideas from other games and apply it to their own do you think thats a good idea for dota developers? I don’t mean just mobas; i mean all games.

Void: I know for one that LoL happened because at that time the Warcraft III mechanics were too limiting for DotA’s further development. Though I am not very sure why they chose to change the name instead of keeping the name DotA.


Anyway to answer your question, I think to some extent it is a good idea, but it should avoid crossing the line between inspiration and plagiarism. It would actually be wiser if the idea is attained from a game of a different genre rather than the same one. /e

Wrooks:  It depends on the game too for example: a ps3 basketball game wouldn’t work because of how the mechanics with the controller are integrated. /e

Wrooks: Before we go, can you tell me alittle bit about your role in FF&L?

Void: I staged the First Revival. Incredible experience, if you ask me.

Wrooks: I rarely go to FF&L so you’ll need to explain First Revival for me and anyone who might not know what it is…

Void: FF&L have been through turbulent times since PD’s birth and the greatest crisis was always the lack of people maintaining the section. It was about 2010or 2011 when ELWB (Epics and Legends Writing Battle, a short story contest) 10 was concluded and many veterans seemed to have left FF&L. We do have a chatroom in that section that many of us chatted in. FF&L feels like an isolated realm within PD itself; only the few people know and occasionally drop by.


Unfortunately, 2011 was the year when Dota 2 started to gain popularity and as such, many veterans seemed to leave this place for that. I came to that place, initially to share one of my friend’s work up there. Then I started making one myself and came to chat and know about the community there.


They talked about the good times of ELWB and at that time, I observed that there seemed to be enough people (veterans and newcomers, and especially Kriegskanzler, who has been an icon of FF&L himself, included) in FF&L so I thought why not continue that? So I did, and unexpectedly it was very well received. And in that moment after I started ELWB 11, I felt like livelihood was restored back in FF&L. That was the First Revival. /e

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