Summer Pixies

You know how Krobelus has ghosts flying around her head? This concept is the one I want to promote today, but not as a hero idea. No, as an item idea. Similar to the hats you can buy, you now have a gameplay companion. Basically, you have a companion for your hero that has gameplay ramifications. Animationwise, the pixie is a ghost flying around your hero. It holding the abilty to attack is an idea up for debate.

I am really unsure what it could provide, but the idea is held in what a companion gives in real life. When you have a dog, you have someone who care for and they care for you. They can help you do things. You communicate with him or her in your own way. Containing this idea should be given by the concept.

But how do we do it?

The basic implications is that it could do menial work like fly around to surrounding allies and provide healing or armor maybe a little protection against spells. Maybe a little additional physical damage if it visits you.

One thing it could give is additional day vision or night vision. Imagine if it was allocated to provide additional vision. There are tons of things it could do.  Night vision or day vision could provide protection against possible ganks. Then again there are trees. It gives some protection against surprise elements in the game though. Speaking of vision, it could possible provide truesight. Yet that is not realistic since there is no drawback to it being visible.  Though providing vision or truesight is a plausible answer to the question: what could a gameplay companion offer.

But what if it attacked enemies? Going on cooldown for one second between attacks. This brings up the implication of a hero having a second way to attack during battles. Especially, since krobelus’ ghosts are not attackable. It provides a since of doom for the enemy. The enemy might feel that they cannot compete.

Which brings up another version maybe the ideal idea is to have it work for melee heroes as an extension of their attacking power. If a melee hero had a companion that could attack and extend their range it would make it easier to gather gold. It would make it easier to harass enemies. Those are some of the implications of this idea.

A pixie carries the idea of tinkerbell . The help she offers him so these ideas help out with that idea. A pixie heals and backs a support player, while providing extension for a melee character. But this game has way more roles, can a fairy fulfill them all? Take a ranged hero. What does a ranged hero need. It depends on the ranged hero but mostly they need to keep enemies away. So possibly a fairy could slow an enemy or knock him back.  What about a jungler: A jungler could have additional item slots held possible consumable slots. Going with that idea, a nuker could carry additional item slots such as dagon and guinsoo. With limitation such as  one to two seconds between separate item usage.

Lets go back to attacking though, What if the pixie flew around and instead of ramming into the enemy the way Krob’s ghosts do. Suppose, the pixie shot a fireball at enemies it swirled around? This is a new game so almost anything is possible. The question is what would be needed to get  it implemented?

There is another idea and that is the idea of AOE heroes. Basically, when an AoE hero casts a spell the pixie unleashes the spell, giving a double whammy.

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