Void (last round)

Wrooks: Lol you make it sound like  lol thats an interesting story but you make it sound like the coming of christ. lol no offense. The place seems dead now. I think suggestions and FF&L need websites of their own and not to be tailored to playdota. IMO, its an issue the mods and dev of the site refuse to acknowledge. They say it will split the community but many of the people in some of the sections have no contact what so ever and would be happier if the other section’s were not present. It’s why the MLP community is doing so great they have sites for specific sections instead of one site that tries to fulfill every need, It’s dota’s greatest downfall. The comp scene and strategy are covered by other sections really playdota now is just for casuals with stragglers in FF&L or suggestions and other sections. The second biggest area are balance debates, world debates, and real chat. Every other section needs its own site imo.

Void: Yes indeed, many things happened to FF&L after that first revival, but eventually downfall is still inevitable. But I don’t think every section needs its own site. /e

Wrooks: Sections that need to be on its own

Statistics and questionaires



Competitive (covered by dota liquid, join, and dota cinema)

Modding (moddota)

Youtube sections (dota2portal, dota cinema)

strategy (dotafire)

coaching (dotaportal)



(thats all i can think of.)

Void: Among the sections you listed, I think some can remain in the main site. Stats and questions, suggestions, competitive, strategies, and news as well.

Wrooks: They’re not big enough to warrent their own section and  its good to have your own identity sometimes

Void: I prefer to think otherwise. PD is a discussion for general DotA, so you can’t really let go of the more important aspects of DotA. Competitive chat is actually well-maintained all these years, while people still discuss the legitimacy of teams and their strategies, as well as their opinions of casters. Suggestions is actually a necessity because unlike FF&L, people are more likely to think of ideas, even trivial ones, to suggest. The importance of strategies is even more so, even though many have complained that their threads have been unreasonably moved away from there, it still houses some legitimate strategy discussions and hero guides as well. News could be dismissed, though. Even though I see the importance of news, it has been rather poorly updated. /e

Wrooks: Idunno, I don’t mind suggestions being in pd but i still think there needs to be a site dedicated solely to suggestions and nothing else. Anyway, i’ve kept you long enough

and, its been alot of questions. Let me end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

Void: Thank you very much for having me here.

Wrooks: No problem

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