I did osu for the second day this week. It was ehm interesting. I found out that it’s a game to easily recognize when you fail. Dota could take some hints from osu about how to determine when you can fail. Like in dota when you fail it’s only apparent when you die. But there are other ways to fail that are not as recognizable. Dieing in dota sux badly I mean it’s terrible. I can’t exclaim how bad it feels.  But it feels bad. To make things worse your team hounds you about dieing. Every few games you get that team that brushes off and gives constructive advice that doesn’t sound like it comes from a trollercoaster or you get a team that overlooks it and says that we can do this.

Those are the games that make me not want to quit dota.

In osu, I don’t recognize most beats and some I do so it’s a very weird system. It’s also simplistically frustrating. Frustrating because you cannot figure out how it works. Like I’ll be mid way through a song and then I’ll just fail due to the speed will kick up or its in a way that I cannot handle at the moment.

For example,  numbers 4 coming before 3 or being in the opposite direction from where it started. It’s simplistic because its so simple to mess up and it looks so simplistic to master. In reality, it’s really difficult. I’ve completed one song out of two days.

Overall, I think I will continue and might start recording it. So I can look back on my memories, one day, and recordings good. Lets see, I was unable to focus on listening to Brandon Buchard after I did Osu today, it was very ehm overwhelming.
I liked it though so yea.

I should try and journal every day, I need to figure out what Imma use this site for now that I am not doing it on dota. That’s right, I quit dota. Though it never lasts. Last time, I was supposed to quit for a year and only made it a quitting time for six months.

I really need to decide if I want to commit to dota or not. Recently I have bought books. Flannery O Conner’s Journal and the prayers of the puritans.

I hope to get some actually good reading out of those books.

Im thinking of redownloading rpg maker and starting an rpg just to keep this site going but I have to decide.  Alternatively, I might use this site to record my views on my writing process. Struggles and basic public journaling about day to day journaling. I also need to restart my other blog.

O I know what I can use this site for. Basically, articles based on different things. I don’t know. I’ll have to decide and pray on what I want to do. I know for one I need to do some HTML this week. Restart the basics until its engrained in my head. Also need to work on my story. It’s going to be a long week. And I want to finish that story by August.

Hopefully that happens. Writing is hard. It’s not something that is accomplished very easily.

Lets see, I was working on

I guess, I’ll just journal until something better comes up. I feel very tired like sleepy but I guess hmm.

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