Interview with Enhander (Part 1)

Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)

Enhander: Sure.  I started gaming when I was pretty young on the PSX (i.e. Einhander, Spyro, etc.), then moved onto PC gaming later.I started with some MMOs (Maplestory while Wizet was still the developer, tried Runescape), and then I got WC3 and got into DotA sometime just after Puck was added.  I’ve been playing since then.

Wrooks: Was puck what drew you in?

Enhander: No when I started playing WC3 it was actually with my friends.  We played Vampirism Fire mostly, among other custom games.  Then we got into DotA at some point and then it just went from there.

Wrooks: what is vampirism? I only played the game with the — worms i think it was called and dota.

Enhander: So Vampirism Fire is a game for 12 people where 2 people play the vampires and the other 10 are humans.  The humans build bases around the map and try to collect enough resources to upgrade their base and eventually kill the vampires, and the vampires try to convert all the humans to vampires by killing them.

Wrooks: O its like cops and robbers or archon tag remade on starcraft

Enhander: Yeah kind of like that; if you’ve ever played that Island Defenders (I think it’s called?) game, it’s basically that.

Wrooks: so what was the first character (hero) you played?

Enhander: The first hero I played I think was Tinker, although back then I was just starting out so I didn’t build BoTs.  I’m not sure if people had found that build yet at that time.

Wrooks: What caught your eye about tinker? or was he introduced by your friends?

Enhander: I initially chose Tinker because from reading his skills I thought I could probably nuke down people reliably.  I didn’t actually consider his March or Rearm; I mostly played him for Laser and Rocket, but that was when I first started so yea.

Wrooks: have you ever thought of designing a hero like tinker? for newcomers? Not the same exact hero but the same feel, flavor, taste…

Enhander: Haha I probably wouldn’t design a Tinker-like hero for a newcomer, just because the skill floor is a bit too high.

Wrooks: Keep in mind that noone really used the BOT back than, it didn’t develop until alittle around 2010. Or thats what i remember atleast.

Enhander: Yup.  I don’t know; I could probably design a Tinker-esque hero but it would inevitably end up being Tinker.  I generally don’t design heroes based on existing ones anyways.

Wrooks: How do you design your heroes?

Enhander: Usually I either start with an aesthetic theme, or a unique mechanic that I’ll try to implement into a hero.  Then I’ll usually build around that theme or mechanic while keeping the role in mind.

Wrooks: can you give an example or tell a part of your process, for example if i give you a mechanic now can you show howd you create a hero around it?

Enhander: Sure.

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