Enhander Interview (part 2)

Wrooks: so I have two mechanics you can choose one,

  1.     An aoe around a target hero that keeps all his allies alive until he dies (shallow grave as an ultimate)


  1.     You have vision of an area, any enemies in the vision area are revealed at your location as an illusion, this illusion mimics the heroes (may or may not be able to attack)

Enhander: So actually I think I created a hero (or it might be in my WIP folder) that has the second mechanic except slightly different.  The ability was Basically target an area and then project images of enemies around you (http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1421521).  It is a really difficult ability to balance just because it acts as a non-skillshot Pudge hook for 5 people that they can’t even escape from, so I spent a lot of time considering ways I could make it harder to use.  I think the first thing I added to that spell was the channeling bit just because it made sense. Then I defined a role for the hero itself, which I decided would be an offensive team-fight support.  For this particular hero, I started building around his ultimate spell.  I created basic abilities that would synergize well with his ultimate and still keep his role intact. So for example, Bone Curse is kind of like Midnight Pulse in a sense that it synergizes with Voodoo Binding.  In retrospect the hero was too rushed for me though, and there was a lot of forced synergy in the skillset that I would have probably redone.

Wrooks: Did you come up with many abilities or just the ones you needed?

Enhander: Just the ones I needed.  I’ll usually start with the first ability, then I’ll create a second ability to synergize with it.  After that I usually look at the hero and flesh out anything that’s missing (i.e. does this hero deal enough damage for the skillset that it currently has?  Is the kill potential of the hero too low for the amount of farming abilities that it has?).  The role is the end game.  I usually dislike having to add forced synergy into the hero; I’ve found that creating skills that work well as standalones in addition to synergizing with the rest of the kit is key.

Wrooks: Have you made any of your heroes in the editor? and if not, do you plan to?

Enhander: I haven’t made any heroes in the editor yet just because I don’t really have the time to learn Hammer (and Lua gives me a headache).  I’ve made other games in Java, but yeah.

Wrooks: I’ve always dreamed of having an artist draw every possible interaction and a programmer displaying them based on puzzle pieces put together…lol does that sound ridiculous? or plausible?

Enhander: It depends on the level of difference between the individual elements I guess.  As a programmer, if you have an interface that connects like-elements already, then it is much easier to create a visual representation of all possible interactions between the individual elements.  If everything is different,

    :  then it will be hard to impossible depending on the number of elements that you have.  Usually good game programmers will make as many categorical connections

    :  between objects as they can so that it is easier to implement new things in the future.  A concrete example of this is how League of Legends hard-codes buildings

    :  and structures as “units”, and so some abilities that affect units unintendedly affect buildings as well.  If they had created a better code that wouldn’t have

    :  happened.

Wrooks: Yea i can see how that system could be a problem. I dunno my idea is like a jigsaw puzzle you have a puzzle piece called aoe and you fit it into a piece called damage

:  and then it shows animation for aoe damage. if you want freezing art you just connect a puzzle piece called frost art.

Wrooks: anyway on to the next question: Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?

Enhander: Ah so there was a PSX game called Einhander (there is a diaeresis on the a) which was a side-scrolling shooter.  I liked the game a lot so I just used

                                                            :            that name as my username for pretty much everything and it’s just stuck since then.

Wrooks: When did you start visiting the suggestions forum?

Enhander: I don’t remember the exact date, but I used to use dotastrategy.com to post my hero ideas back when it was still up.  I switched to PD when that site died out.

Wrooks: What is dotastrategy for anyone who might have not seen it?

Enhander: It was an old website for DotA 1 that had a lot of guides for heroes.  It also had other sub-forums (i.e. item ideas, hero ideas, etc.)

Wrooks: O like dotafire?

Enhander: Yes kind of, I guess.  Unfortunately it’s down now.

Wrooks: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene, lore making, shoutcasting

  :  or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum?

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