Complex vs simple

Complex concepts verse simple ideas, is something hotly debated.  Some people dislike complex and find it frustrating and some people dislike simple and find it boring. Let’s take a look at checkers. In checkers, all the pieces move the same way. Move forward on the same colored squares. This might be boring but it becomes complex when you learn to control the board. This game might be called simple or boring, but  this status is applied to the game because the rules are so simple.

Oppose to chess, which all the pieces move in a unique fashion. Capturing a token is different in chess also. Take the knight. A checker’s player might come to learn that they can not take units by hopping over them with the knight. The horseman needs to land on the same square like all the other pieces in order to capture an enemy token.

The rules are fairly complex compared to checkers because each token gets a unique way of moving. Lets look at one of three of the most complicated tokens on the field: the Queen. The Queen can move in the same fashion as any unit on the board except the knight.  This might be hard for beginners to realize and come to terms with.
As a result of learning this, many new comers will move the queen out first. Using her to take control of the board, Only after the player moving up against someone who can counter the queens moves will the new comer come to terms with not exploiting the queen so early.

Let’s look at some complex and  simple chars in dota. Take, Lion. He is by far a simple char. This hero main goals is to stun, and damage enemies heavily. He can siphon mana from the enemy If he runs out. His basic form is attack, steal mana , attack some more, rinse and repeat.  There is more to this hero but that is his unique stance.
Take a complicated hero like bat rider. Bat rider, you have to focus on enemy positioning, attack, single out a specific target. And an entire hodge podge of other  behaviors in order to succeed with batrider.

In Dota complexity comes from the behavior you have to emulate oppose to other games where rules might reveal the chars complexity.

Lets go back to chess. The pawn is a complex unit because it has around four rules to function at a suitable rate compared to other chars on the playing field. It can sometimes jump twice,  sideways or just move forward one. Each of these rules change depending on  the situation evolving on the game field.

There are not that many simple heroes in dota. Most heroes in dota are somewhat complex and require unique behavior in order to function during the match. Take one of the simplist heroes PA or sniper.

Sniper and PA have two main goals. Attack, and use teammates to escape. Positioning is key with these hero.

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