Enhander Interview (Part 4)

Wrooks: Talking about shoutcasting would you ever make videos of heroes you made similar to dota-cinema’s hero spotlight of main heroes?

Enhander: Nah I don’t have the voice for it and I wouldn’t really feel comfortable with that.

Wrooks: I mean if you found a friend who do it for you would you let them record your heroes?

Enhander: Oh yeah sure I wouldn’t mind.  I just don’t want to be speaking or on video or something.

Wrooks: Lets get down to business, What heroes do you consider to be needing of a serious change?

Enhander: Probably Huskar, Sniper, Void, and Invoker.

Wrooks: Why invoker?

Enhander: Right now I feel like Invoker forces enemies to react to his build, and not the other way around.  Usually Invoker relies on certain pairs (or a triplet) of spells, and this creates a sort of cheesy-feeling playstyle.  I’d like if his spells were reworked so that they had mor cross-synergy and so that they didn’t scale as well with levels, but were better when used together.  Personally I think Invoker should be an adaptive hero, who reacts to enemy comps and such but right now it feels like it’s the other way around.

Wrooks: I’d challenge you to make an invoker remake. Anyway what do you think of the route that Ice is taking void and what do you see in store within future changes.

Enhander: With the Invoker remake, I feel like even if I remade him there would be a lot of resistance to a remake.  Generally in the remake forums, only small changes or reworks are considered.  I kind of like where Void is headed, but he needs a rework in particular to Time Lock now that he isn’t really the same carry that he was before.

Wrooks: Yea the forum is kind of resistance to anything that is a change…which is expected, all through history the only changes that were viable were 5%. The rest well either made it after sometime or are still under scrutity. You know there are people who still believe that the world is flat right?

No joke about this.

Wrooks: Who is someone you look up to in the suggestion forum?

Enhander: I don’t think I necessarily look up to anyone, but I like Summer-Penguin’s hero ideas; s/he’s good at looking at his/her work and editing it, which I think I lack

Wrooks: Yea, what’s your favorite hero out of the ones that summer has presented?

Enhander: Probably her Rook.  I like the mechanics that were put into the hero and it works cohesively in its role.

Wrooks: Can you describe the hero for anyone who might not have seen it?

Enhander: Basically it’s a support tank that affects line of sight and also has some nice protection mechanics built into it.  It’s simplistic in the mechanics and has a cohesive theme/role where the skills work together but also work independently.

Wrooks: Kind of like, can’t think of a hero atm in dota like that but yea

Enhander: Yeah for me the suggestion forum has a lot of current ability rehashes, which is not the point really (that’s the Remake forum)

Wrooks: Well can you really make a hero without having some sort of rehash of other abilities? Take avalanche, it’s just a stun with animation and the animation influences the stun. In retrospect it’s a poison + stun. Do you agree with this assessment?

Enhander: Well yes technically it’s true.  There’s a fine line where an ability is just a rehash, because they all have to come from the same base mechanics (usually).  Some abilities that affect fog of war for example I would consider more unique because we don’t have a whole lot of that yet.

Wrooks: Yea, but they really don’t except abilities like that and it has to make sense. For example, two abilities i made was an illusion spell that created an illusion every second for six seconds and another ability that stopped displacement. One was seen as boring and the other was seen as gimmicky. But there’s nothing like those abilities in the game. So people want in my experience something familiar but different.

Enhander: Yeah a lot of the suggestions forum is also not willing to read long or complex ideas, which is kinda bad.

Wrooks: Talking about reading, Do consider Strategy Guides and Commentaries by websites like Dotafire and Dotacinema a good source for conceptualizing ideas?

Enhander: As a source for ideas, not really.  However, I don’t generally follow those so I’m probably not in a position to comment on that.

Wrooks: One commentary i was watching which gave me the anti-displacement idea was during a match where the one team had bloodseeker on their team. The entire team bought force staffs. So bloodseeker would rupture an enemy and next he be dead from Omni-FS. So I was trying to think of a way to counter this.

Enhander: Hmm yeah I get what you mean.  Sometimes if I want a hero idea, I’ll think of situations in my own games where something is really needed, and I’ll make a hero idea around that.

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