Anti-tank items

A useful item in dota would be an anti-tank item. Something that could take care of countering a tank, would be helpful. A tank in dota or durable, its official name, is a hero with a large health pool. An item of this magnitude would be a boon to the game.

Now when countering  durakins and friends you have to also keep in mind their abilities. Pudge is  one hero with such an ability where he has a large health pool. He can reach like five thousand health if enough deaths are reached during the game.
Pudge is lovable but like many strength he needs something to counter his large health pool. Almost any strength has this problem with the right items. Sny, Heart, heavens, these items together build up to a magnitude of a lot of heath where they resist death. It’s a team game so it should take out a team to kill a team.

Sometimes though you need a single or dual hero who can fill these qualifications. Well we looked at this items qualifications but what hero would buy it.

Who would buy this item?
Anti-tankers, everyone, another niche. Who could fit this into their build and still be useful in the game. Take Life stealer. Life stealer is the epitome of anti-tank. All his abilities go along with this system. So if he had an item that could boost this effect than it would be helpful.

Lets look at the items we have already. Those items being Assualt, is one of those items. It decreases armor adding to the dent in the armor of its enemy. Then we have armlet which boosts the damage of the wearer. But les face it, five hundred damage is not much if you want to take out a five thousand (rare case) health hero.

Lastly we have Daedalus. Daedalus is a good item because it gives critical damage. Daed is a very good item it help people jump the bar to reach like one thousand damage maybe more. It could be the item that gives that crucial amount to finish an enemy.

But we could use one more. Percent of the enemy’s health done as damage.  This would not finish them off but it would make the hero more susceptible to death. Make them easier to finish off.
Another possible item is one that takes away strength or total hp for x seconds. This would be unique tactically because it would make it where the player is easier to kill. Imagine taking away twenty strength. Twenty strength is three hundred and eighy health.  Not that big of a dent in the person’s hp but it is a big enough curve to make that crucial moment of killing that high hp person.

These are extreme numbers though most games a hero doesn’t go beyond three thousand health. But that is still a lot. If a player deals  five hundred  damage, the player will need to hit the enemy will take six hits.

Five hundred damage is not easy to come by in this game. A player will need items like mkb radi, and so on just to get up to that amount of damage.

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