interview w/ Enhander part 6

Wrooks:  I don’t just mean heroes I mean mechanics also, for example HOTS has a mechanic where after defeating a neutral it is brought to you side to fight for your team. Now in dota, that could be put into a hero idea. (it’s AI controlled when it joins your team)

Enhander: That could be interesting yeah.  If I did that though, I’d probably want to modify it enough so it was different enough from the original source.

Wrooks: Talking about sources, what do you think of source 2…so far?

Enhander: I haven’t had much experience with the Hammer editor really.  It’s a bit too convoluted for me but I’m probably just not used to it.  Source 2 has obviously introduced a lot of bugs, but that’s expected with any major system changeover.  Overall I think the engine improvement is largely a back-end thing that most people won’t notice the difference to.

Wrooks: Do you think it was worth the wait?

Enhander: Eh, I think it was a bit overrated by people, but it’s definitely welcome if it fixes a lot of the spaghetti code that they had before.

Wrooks: In your dota suggestions and reviews what do you do to stay on track?

Enhander: I had a template that I used to use for reviews, but I’ve since stopped using it.  To be honest, I don’t visit the suggestion forums much anymore since there has been significantly less traffic than there used to be.

Wrooks:  Seems like alot of people are leaving the forums. I believe noonepwnedsome1 and Jonmcdonald have left also, what do you think of that, other people leaving?

Enhander: As with some forums, traffic slowly declines and people leave because there is a lack of community.  This was the same issue with the hero ideas forum on back in its day.  Ultimately new hero idea forums will spawn (like the one on reddit) and it will continue on from there.

Wrooks: Out of your hero ideas, What do you consider the ones that need to be implemented the most?

Enhander: If by that you mean the ones that I think should be implemented the most, I’d probably say Aeon or Aiwass.

Wrooks: Can you describe one of the two?

Enhander: So Aiwass is a hero that plays somewhat like Techies, except instead of traps that will kill enemy heroes, Aiwass acts more as a teamfight setup and support hero.  His theme is more central around placing traps and area control.  You can look more in depth here:

Wrooks: You have some interesting abilities setup? My favorite would have to be the trail probably.

Enhander: Thanks!  Yeah the trail I thought would be a cool mechanic to split up fights and such.

Wrooks: With Windwalk it is bound to make some interesting plays for allies…

Wrooks: So what do you expect from playdota reborn?

Enhander: Playdota reborn?


Enhander: I see.  Hmm that sounds like it could revive the suggestion forums, but I guess it will take a while until it’s up.

Wrooks: what ideas are you in the process of creating?

Enhander: Currently I don’t really have a hero idea in progress.  I haven’t really been working on hero ideas for a while to be honest, but that might change if I ever have an idea come up.

Wrooks: what are some limitations in the process of how suggestions are suggested you wish you could change if you could?

Enhander: I would probably change the suggestion forum so that it is viewed in a grid style, rather than a vertical scrolling list.  In this way, more posts get more visibility.  It also makes more sense if each post would be the hero portrait followed by a few tags and such.

Wrooks: I think that was thought of but was dismissed because they had a better plan. I just hope it pans out the way they see it. Also, you might need to ask sven but there are other reasons why it didn’t go that route either. At least with reborn.

Enhander: Well we’ll see how it goes, and hopefully it’s better in PD Reborn.

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