Interview with Enhander Part 7

Wrooks: Talking about changes, what hero model would you change in dota 2?

Enhander: I’d have to agree with the community and say that Slardar and Viper’s models need reworks.  Those are probably the worst.  I really liked the Netherdrake model back in DotA 1, and I kind of miss that.

Wrooks: What are your thoughts on the, recent, zeus change?

Enhander: A lot of my friends don’t really like it; I kind of have to agree since I liked the old model.  It wasn’t textured as nicely, but I think thematically it fit more.  The new one is a bit too serious for me.

Wrooks: We haven’t covered this yet, but what are your general ideas on Heroes of the Storm, Smite and LoL?

Enhander: I haven’t seen HotS that much.  From what I understand, the gameplay has been changed enough that I think it’s a healthy offshoot of the traditional ARTS.  I like what direction they went in.  Smite I have even less experience with so I won’t comment on that.  LoL I have played somewhat extensively, so I can say somethings about it.  Personally, I liked the initial direction that Riot took with LoL wherein the champions had much greater role diversity.  Attack speed hybrid builds were viable, and champions could be played both AP and AD.  However, their current design direction I have issues with since the game has become very stale to me since the meta has not changed a lot. They also seem to have issues with champion niches, which I touched on earlier.  Not having all champions available from the start is another thing I don’t really like.

Wrooks: Smite is more like ehm, their camera view is like that game with kratos forget the name. God of War? They try to appeal to players who play games like Call of Duty and  Devil May Cry and the like.

Enhander: Yeah that’s pretty much the only thing I know about Smite is that it’s first person perspective.  I don’t know if that’s the best way to do an ARTS style game, but it seems to have attracted at least a small community, so they’ve done something right.

Wrooks: If you have an xbox i think they will be releasing on that soon. So that should be interesting change a controller based MOBA…

If you were speaking to a new suggestor what advice would you give to them?

Enhander: For any new hero idea suggestor, the thing I would advise the most is to take criticism constructively.  When I look back at heroes that I made on dotastrategy, they are clearly not very well put together and it took a while to get the hang of game balance.  If you’re ever looking for inspiration, just play a few games yourself and ask what’s missing and try to build from there.

Wrooks: Final two questions…what do you think of the two majors so far? and what do you see in store for TI6?

Enhander: The Frankfurt Major was well run.  I really like that Valve tried to make the DotA pro scene bigger by adding more major tournaments beside TI’s.  That said, it seems like they bit off a bit more than they could chew seeing as how the Shanghai major has turned out.  I’m not going to go into the whole drama fiasco that the Shanghai Major is, but I’ll just say that Valve clearly needs to pick their producers more carefully.  As for TI, I am always excited for it, and I really hope that TI6 will follow a compendium style similar to that of the recent Winter Pass.  It seems to have had a lot of positive feedback from the community, so it would be a shame if they wasted that opportunity.  (PS giff New Bloom!)

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