Pizza, maybe?

I could see some of you seeing this picture and getting hungry because it looks like an oversized slice of pizza. But this in fact, a picture of a shockwave idea I have for dota. See a shockwave is in fact a nuke that spreads wider the longer it travels.  Something like this could hit up to twenty characters. Lina’s shockwave can hit all five enemy players and many non-hero characters, if aimed right. I mean it has the potential to do some devastating damage. It’s a really neat ability that gives you a chance to counter characters like phantom lancer and naga siren because of their illusion abilities.

Anyway to the idea. The idea is to make this into an item that increases or decreases damage the more units the shockwave passes through.

So basically if green has this as armor, they are wearing. People and characters around that player will feel decreased damage.  It doesn’t matter where the green player is located where ever the other players hit by the shockwave or aoe attack are hit, the damage will be lowered. As shown in each picture.

Or the flipside is that if you want this to be offensive, that this item will cause a shockwave to become more powerful the more units it passes through.

It could be a really good defensive item for durables and illusion
creators, or it could be a really offensive
item for characters like lina or windrunner. It all depends on what Ice wants to do with the idea inside the game. I think the defensive attributes is more interesting. Especially if you put it with something like whenever a heal is used near the player it doesn’t take effect  except on the player with the special armor. There are tons of things that can be put with this.

Lets look at some hefty durables and see what they need during the game. Most durables need, heart, armlet, helm, Blademail, assault cuirass, so a final item that protects allies could be useful As to most of the other items benefit just you. Except maybe assault cuirass and possibly pipe.


Assault gives the most to allies, so something that compliments this item could prove useful. It gives decreased armor to enemies, increased armor to allies and attackspeed increase to allies. So it is a very useful item. So something that provides protection to allies from spells like great cleave and dragon slave  would be insanely useful.

Then lets see what illusion character need. Basically health, more illusions and damage. So daedulus, Satanic or diffusel, and manta. Possibly other damage items such as abyssal. And possibly heart. This is what Illusion creators need. So something that would compliment them also.

Lets see what abilities and items this idea counters or boosts.

  1. Great Cleave
  2. Dragon Slave
  3. Storm hammer
  4. LSA
  5. Powershot
  6. Fissure
  7. Aftershock
  8. Echo Slam
  9. Toss
  10. Torrent
  11. Tidebringer
  12. Ghost Ship
  13. Breathe Fire
  14. Purification
  15. Acid Spray
  16. Thunder Clap
  17. Whirling Death
  18. Chakram
  19. Hoof Stomp
  20. Ice Shards
  21. Echo Stomp
  22. Earth Splitter
  23. Overwhelming Odds
  24. Sun Ray
  25. Burrowstrike
  26. Slithereen Crush
  27. Anchor Smash
  28. Magnus’ Shockwave
  29. Aphotic Shield
  30. Starstorm
  31. Waveform
  32. Earthshock
  33. Rocket barrage
  34. Call down
  35. Flak cannon
  36. Riptide
  37. Sleight of fist
  38. Bloodrite
  39. Shadowraze
  40. Requiem of souls
  41. Plasma field
  42. Venomous gale
  43. Poison nova
  44. Poof
  45. Impale
  46. Dark pact
  47. Crystal nova
  48. Freezing field
  49. Illusory orb
  50. Waning rift
  51. Static remnant
  52. Static field
  53. Arc lightning
  54. Ether shock
  55. March of madness
  56. Macropyre
  57. Dual breath
  58. Liquid fire
  59. Arcane curse
  60. Thunder strike
  61. Static storm
  62. Illuminate
  63. Mystic flare
  64. Land mines
  65. Remote mines
  66. Suicide squad, attack
  67. Frost blast
  68. Chain frost
  69. Earth spike
  70. Midnight pulse
  71. Black hole
  72. Death pulse
  73. Sonic wave
  74. Scream of pain
  75. Crypt swarm
  76. Nether blast
  77. Split earth
  78. Diabolic Edict
  79. Pulse Nova
  80. Firefly
  81. Flame break
  82. Tornado
  83. EMP
  84. Chaos Meteor
  85. Deafening Blast
    Sanity’s Eclipse
  86. Shadow poison
  87. Splinter blast



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