Anti Tanks

I have seen a lot of tankiness in the past few games. People picking high hp heroes such as legion, sven, alche, axe, ursa these types of lineups. Though I wonder if these heroes have become to powerful and we need a way to quench their bestiality.

So I sat thinking and came up with the possibility of an item that drain/deals % of enemies hp when you cast a spell on the hero. There are tons of other possibilities with this but I thought beefing up the spell casters against the tanks would allow for some unique play.

I mean imagine heroes such as sky or zeus using this sort of item to face up against a tank lineup.  I mean it could be useful. But what item would it be built from. Crystal?  Aether? Veil?  Ultimate orb? Staff of Wizardry? The upside of this item could have a potential bonus of taking down some crazy enemies if done right. Imagine though this item.

Tank teams have the advantage of being very hp driven. This has come up in the past and icefrog countered it. I am surprised something like this has reentered the game. This was a strat way back when pudge could get nine thousand health or thirteen thousand health. Today he maxes at five thousand, thankfully.

One match I just dealt with the tanks ended the game before any of our players could fully get online. So they played smart. But how do you stop something like this from trainrolling the match. I mean alls you need to do is build armlet and bladedmail and the game is pretty much won. Its hard to find a way to counter such a match when it appears.  There are tons of things that can be added to the game to put a hold onto these tank players.

What I have been seeing is bans of specific tanks but when you ban one theres the use of another that pops up and if you nominate and don’t get a ban there is the obvious pick up of that hero. So the game becomes who has the toughest lineup? Who has the largest amount of health? What happens when you play with these heroes. Ursa with his ability to melt down heroes in no time. Or sven who can powerdrive through lineups. ALche who can farm fast? There needs to be some counters to these heroes.With their large hps and melting down enemies in no time.

I hope with the next patch that ice does something about changing this all tank lineup that has been being picked lately.

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