Friendly Fire in Dota

This topic suggested by a fellow playdota member. Its been argued that the game has enough  friendly fire. Friendly fire, meaning attacking your allies. So far the only, hero centered, FF in the game is through lich and winter wyvern. Ironically both ice heroes. The question is what other possible ways the game can introduce the idea of Friendly fire.

Lich’s ability allows you to deny a creep no matter how high their hp. Wyvern forces all enemies surrounding the target to attack them. In most cases taking them down. So its interesting. Not to forget the normal deny option of taking down a critical low hp non hero.

How else can friendly fire be introduced.

It’s a scary proposition because anything  that allows friendly fire makes the match that much harder to play.

Imagine playing that its crazy.Having the option to kill allies either forced or by choice or by accident.

How icefrog has implemented so far is acceptable but borderline annoying. I mean if you’re opposing wyvern you cannot bunch up and heroes like dark seer make avoiding wyvern’s ultimate that much more difficult.

Winter wyvern is by far really really exciting as a hero to play. But versing that hero is kind of crazy because he has his heal which makes enemies almost undestructilble and a FF CC spell.

If you haven’t seen the spell it works a lot like Berserker’s call only instead of all the enemies attacking axe. Its all enemies attacking a fellow enemy of the player.

I can think of two other ways to introduced FF in the game.One target one enemy and that enemy attacks allies surrounding him. Or A chain spell that forces all enemies to attack each other. Though both of those ability ideas are very clunky on paper.

I think the way it was being suggested though was having abilities like Light Strike Array and Crypt Swarm hitting allies as well.

A way that can actually work is if you cast a single target spell on heroes such as wind runner and tinker. This spell giving a debuff that allows their spells to hit their fellow enemies. Though it’s just a theory.

The game would be drastically different if the player’s spells made you function and worry about where to place your spells like faceless void’s  chronosphere.

Imagine worrying more about ally location and where you will throw your ability. It would make some heroes frustrating to play with.

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