Model to Hero Contest (will it return)

I want to make the assessment that what if the model to hero contest returns when we get Playdota reborn. A way to affirm the community that we still have a voice would be nice. A idea that what we want in the game matters.
In Dota-allstars, the Model to Hero contest was a tournament between suggestors to bring one of their ideas to the game.  It was supposed to continue in Playdota  Original but the famed contest never hatched.

It brought many ideas to life such as puck. This hero was born from that contest.

After the contest, winning entries would be combined and a hero would be born. I am not for adding more Warcraft three models to the game. But if we can get a contest out of possible sketches of a unique hero  idea than it would be nice.
Imagine a contest that allows for suggestions centering around a model from the developer’s choice. OR even Valve provides the sketches of a possible idea and members provide entries for the hero.

It would be really nice if the promised model to hero contest would return for the Play dota reborn forum. I mean PDR has nothing really useful for it except recycling old hero ideas, like it did for Play dota original from dota-allstars.

The players having a voice in the creation of Dota’s development is a wonderful idea to return to.  I mean having the ability to make a living adding hats is nice but what about making a living suggesting hero, item and mechanic ideas.

Imagine three to four heroes being released each year. Each year one to two of those heroes being community made and the rest being developer made. It could be a wonderful thing.

I hope the developers consider bring back this wonderful contest and carry it over to playdota reborn. It could be something worth looking forward to.

What would also be nice if winning contestants have a chance to be hired by valve. That would be a nice plus to the contest as well. Not only do you get your model in the game but you also get hired to develop more entries.

Talking about model to hero what if we had a contest to add a new item, creep, neutral, attribute or building. Those would be nice contests as well.

Other ideas is a contest to totally reimagine ingame heroes. That would be nice. For example what if there was a contest that reimagined faceless void and one of the entries reimagine him to be a support or mid hero.  Just think of all the different types of contests we could have in the new forum to bring what players want into the game. It feels like It wasn’t too long ago that the siege creep was added. Or Puck. Or shedder.

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