renaming MKB

Now that Monkey king is almost released what is going to happen to MKB now that mk is in the game.I would imagine that MKB would be renamed and changed accordingly. I can’t imagine a game where it has a hero and an item with the same name.

In all fairness MKB isn’t to popular unless picked to counter evasion items such as butterfly and heaven’s. What sort of names could replace the famed MKB though. To be fair, it doesn’t act like the fabled MKB it doesn’t stretch to infinite sizes. It doesn’t allow long reach.

There are tons of lore that could be used for the fabled item. For example maybe call it needle. Needle is a fabled sword from the world of A song of Ice and Fire aka Game of thrones. But needle doesn’t possess any magical prowess it is just an item that is made from unbreakable steel. Mirrored after the real life Damascus steel.

Then there are the dragonglass items. Dragon Glass is a weapon type in Game of thrones which  can kill whitewalkers or ice zombies.

Than there are other universes. For example, cricket from the men  in black universe.

The famous Excalibur hasn’t been introduced into dota yet. So it would be neat if it was reimagined to fit that famous sword of king Arthur

Than there is the sword from jabberwocky, the vorpal sword. There are tons of other swords from other fictional worlds also such as Leah’s sword and Shannarra sword from the world of shanarra. There are the swords in the Malazan world: Chance and Dragnipur.  There is Callandor from the Wheel of Time epoch.
The Song of ice and fire world seems to have the biggest list of swords to date. Brightroar, blackfyre, hearteater, dark sister, ice, heartsbane, ice, lady forlorn, light bringer, lion’s tooth, long claw, nightfall, oathkeeper, widow’s wail,, just so many

We cannot forget the world of JRR Tolkien in middle earth. With swords and weapons with the name of Glamdring, narsil and orcist. Sting, ringil, anglachel, gurthang, aranruthm and guthwine.

Then there is memory, sorrow and thorn from tad william’s world. God’s bane from forgotten realms. Naegling from beowolf.

Master sword in Zelda.

I think a good name would be chance as to it removes the luck factor of evasion and is named after a weapon about luck in the Malazan world. Chance could be the difference between a win and a loss during battle in the book. Though a large portion of its use was dependant on oponn the twin gods of luck. Though in dota it would seem that chance had a use in battling against luck. It would be an irony in the dota world. Reflecting its usage in other media in a different but almost comical light.

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