Dewouter Interview (part 1)

Wrooks:Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)


Dewouter: Hello, I have been playing dota for about 8 years I guess, I have no idea actually. Before that I played warcraft 3 and before that basically anything. I’m pretty loyal to my games as I barely play anything else except for some casual fifa games with friends.


Wrooks:  What is it you liked about dota that caught your eye?


Dewouter: Honestly, I don’t know. I had a friend with who I used to play 2v2 games with and he wanted to  try dota, I did not have a good time rolling into it and neither did he, but somehow we kept playing a game and then saying we won’t do that again and yet here I am. I don’t know about the other one though


Wrooks: Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?


Dewouter: It’s hardly a nickname, my first name is Wouter and in dutch de = the, so that’s it. I’m not really into those things.


Wrooks: When did you start visiting the suggestions forum?


Dewouter: I joined the forum to look up guides while playing, I had to know what to get. After a while I found out people were creating suggestions and I liked reading into them. I saw some of them even having testmaps and I thought that would be the future. When dota 2 got announced I thought this is ideal, testing can be done against real heroes. While saying this I realize it was the same for dota 1.

I forgot about the suggestion forum for a long time, until half a year ago or something and I thought let’s give the creation of testmaps another try and with all the tutorials available I got it working this time.


Wrooks:  Pitlord is the last hero to be ported. What type of hero are you hoping comes after him?


Dewouter: A good one, so the opposite of pitlord.


Wrooks:  Rumor has it it’s going to be some sort of mounted hero do you agree with that or what’s your opinion?


Dewouter: Sun Wu-Kung or something? We have been hearing that for ages but it could be. I don’t care what kind of hero  we get, as long as they are great heroes that are fun to play.


Wrooks: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene, lore making, shoutcasting or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum over those other areas?

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